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In Memory of Chris Porter:  Shonna Tucker #1707

In Memory of Chris Porter: Shonna Tucker #1707

Shonna Tucker came out of self-imposed music exile to play bass for Chris Porter‘s final album, Don’t Go Baby It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You. After she left the Drive-By Truckers, she formed a band and released a great album that we featured on a previous podcast, then went through a period of questioning whether […]

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In Memory of Chris Porter:  The Mastersons #1706

In Memory of Chris Porter: The Mastersons #1706

Friendships run deep when you are a musician, and those with whom you can pick up right where you left off after months on the road become family. Chris Porter had a gift for forging deep, fast friendships with people in every little town he toured across the country, but especially with his tight-knit chosen […]

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In Memory of Chris Porter:  Will Johnson #1705

In Memory of Chris Porter: Will Johnson #1705

Will Johnson (Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel) produced Chris Porter‘s final album, Don’t Go Baby It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You, as well as his previous record, This Red Mountain. Both albums were recorded with Johnson producing and Britton Beisenherz engineering and mixing at Ramble Creek Studio in Austin, Texas. The bands differed in each project, […]

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In Memory of Chris Porter:  Andrea Juarez #1704

In Memory of Chris Porter: Andrea Juarez #1704

Andrea Juarez never planned to release an album, but it seemed like the best way to honor her fiance, Chris Porter, who passed away on tour October 2016, when their van was rear-ended on the interstate. Mitchell Vandenburg also was killed, and Adam Nurre miraculously survived the horrific wreck. Porter was mostly finished with tracking […]

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Sally Jaye #1703

Sally Jaye #1703

Sally Jaye launched Cafe Rooster Records with a legendary guerrilla party at AmericanaFest 2016 in Nashville, TN. The cooperative record label began with friend and co-founder, Darrin Bradbury’s album, Elmwood Park, quickly adding a vinyl release of Jaye’s band, Ladies Gun Club, a vinyl re-issue of her solo album, Amarillo, and a digital release of […]

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Boo Ray #1702

Boo Ray #1702

Boo Ray recently released Sea of Lights on vinyl, the debut release from Kindercore record pressing in Athens, GA. With a fresh mastering for vinyl and successful showcase at AmericanaFest 2017, Boo Ray and his band continue to tour the US with his distinct brand of Jerry Reed-inspired rock and roll. He’s a heckuva picker […]

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Chad Cochran #1701

Chad Cochran #1701

I first got to know Chad Cochran, known online as CowtownChad, through the defunct Twitter event, Couch By Couchwest. Cochran’s photographs and mixed media art featuring haunting landscapes and abandoned buildings held titles from songs by musicians featured on our show. Through the magic of social media, we became friends and hung out at AmericanaFest […]

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Sadler Vaden #1609

Sadler Vaden #1609

Sadler Vaden released his debut full length solo album in August 2016. His DIY effort morphed and was scrapped then re-imagined and recorded over a few years. What ultimately became this upbeat, pop influenced rock record demonstrates Vaden’s expertise gleaned from fronting his own band in the early 2000s for 8 years, playing for Drivin […]

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Allen Thompson #1608

Allen Thompson #1608

Allen Thompson Band‘s new album, Brace Yourself, is still kept under top-secret guard, but the stories leading to the title seem surreal. Thompson and band mate, Clint Maine, both broke their backs in separate accidents within a month of each other. The following year helped them expand their sound and get weirder, as they describe. […]

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James Hunter Six #1607

James Hunter Six #1607

James Hunter was notably “discovered” by Van Morrison while performing in gritty pubs in England, but the songwriter and singer is more than a protege. The James Hunter Six perform across the world, primarily for blues audiences, although they have been embraced by Americana and rock clubs, as well. Their dynamic shows, fronted by the […]

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