#1007 Courtney Jaye

…perhaps the oddest description we have ever read for an album. Jaye’s latest release highlights her lovely voice on songs that meld her beloved Kauai and her Nashville locale. Ethereal connotes breathy, but her voice is crisply clean, angelic but powerful. Jaye sings without overwhelming her songs, unlike many women with such vocal prowess and versatility. The Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye are exactly that: reminiscent of traditional country, native Hawaiian music, and even a touch of bossa nova.

Few women move to Hawaii with the cash in their pocket and a backpack, but Jaye decided that was the perfect life change she needed at one time. By 2007, she intentionally wandered to Nashville to explore her desire to submit herself fully to songwriting. Much like Jaye herself, songs bubble up in the most unexpected places and times. Her songwriting begins with melodies and the lyrics find themselves in the notes and harmonies. While she is not rigid about writing, she allows songwriting sessions and acquaintances to blossom where those seeds may land.

After leaving a major label following her debut 2005 release, she intended to craft songs for others, and not put out another album herself. While writing and collaborating in Nashville, especially with Thad Cockrell, she realized that the sessions were leading to another album of her own. Jaye launched her label, Tropicali Records, to offer herself the ultimate freedom to create the avant garde but approachable music that played in her head. Through luck and happenstance, she stumbled upon the perfect producer to bring her seemingly unusual combination of sounds to the recording studio. Seth Kauffman understood her concept and coaxed the melodies into this cohesive, innovative album.



Songs in Episode 1007 include: