#1101 Dehlia Low

The second of our musicians with names derived from card playing, Dehlia Low brings their twist on old time music to new audiences.  Greg Stiglets, “Stig,” began playing an air organ as a child, rocking popular movie themes, and picked up the guitar at 14 when he realized that instrument held more appeal for teenage girls than the funky organ.  The skateboarding devotee hid his appreciation for Bob Dylan and Neil Young from his Ice T- and Ice Cube-listening friends.  The young shredders of Jackson, Missippi, spent time watching Yo!  MTV Raps! and expressing their angst in a combination of thrash metal and hiphop mixed with a little punk music.

Stig’s lowkey, self-effacing humor runs throughout our conversation, with such gems as, “I left the skateboarding scene when I was no longer at the top of my game.  I couldn’t do the tricks anymore.  My body wouldn’t keep up.  Sixteen is tough on a guy,” “I couldn’t bust a rhyme even in my own bathroom.  Thus ended my hiphop career,” and “It was decided that I was not practicing enough, and after three lessons, I no longer needed guitar instruction.”

He wore out his End of the Innocence album, but mainly enjoyed the music because Don Henley had long hair & Stig’s parents wouldn’t let him have long hair; it was the appeal of  “the sensitive ponytail thing.”  After a few years dedicated to following the band Phish, Stig moved to Asheville, North Carolina–not realizing there was a vibrant music scene.  He quickly joined the bluegrass jam at Jack of the Wood and realized that he needed to learn the bluegrass standards if he was going to get any recognition as a player.  When Dehlia Low added him to the band, he joined a group of accomplished musicians and singers with very democratic governance and high standards.



Songs in Episode 1101  include: