Teal Collins and Josh Zee of Austin’s The Mother Truckers both grew up in music-filled homes.  Teal’s dad was a jazz DJ and friends with Les Paul, while Josh’s dad was a folk singer who taught him to play guitar.  They each learned to play while young, with some differing forays into performance.  Collins started out as a child playing ukelele, busking with her girlfriends for candy money, and later got her first guitar from the Les Paul as a gift–which she still plays on stage each night!  Zee, on the other hand, wanted to be the guitar soloist that reigned in the 80’s and thrash on stage.  Zee’s example of the ubiquity of guitar solos in that era is pretty funny.

The Mother Truckers relocated from the Bay Area of California to Austin, Texas, five years ago, to capitalize on the incredible live music scene.  The band enjoyed several residencies in local clubs and support from fans who just wanted to see them succeed.  Other musicians not only took note, they shared their love for The Mother Truckers with their own fans.  Don Gallardo first told Country Fried Rock about them, and then Phil Hurley of Stonehoney recently brought them up, too–the ultimate compliment from one musician to another.  To cap off an amazing year, Little Steven chose their song “Summer of Love” as one of the Coolest Songs Ever.

Now cruising the country in support of their most recent release, Van Tour , The Mother Truckers bring their raucous, high-energy show to venues from Texas to Germany & Denmark through early fall 2010.  Volkswagen seriously missed the boat, so to speak, on sponsoring this one!  Could you imagine the cool Westfalia caravan?  We think they ought to get some support from Trick My Truck for their next extended US adventures.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  (…and can we come, too?)

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