#1110 Brian Wright

UPDATE:  Since we chatted, House on Fire has been picked up by Sugar Hill Records for re-release on March 29, 2011, with an incredible CD release party in Los Angeles at Hotel Cafe.

Country Fried Rock loves technology, so we chatted with Brian Wright via Skype while he toured the United Kingdom, supporting his latest album, House on Fire. (We are not loving the audio quality currently provided with this technology, but we are confident it will catch up!) From the Beatles-inspired “Good Doctor” (think of the stripped down parts of the White Album), to the sparse “Friend,” to the loss of love song “Striking Matches,” Wright played the majority of the instruments during this recording–a departure from his previously live-recorded albums. By contrast, Blue Bird was cranked out in three days live in a studio without overdubs.

Wright maintains his Lorena, Texas roots while absorbing the creative abundance in the Los Angeles music scene. Although his favorite Tex Mex burritos are not adequately recreated in England, he does not feel homesick on his tour. Wright experiences emotional catharsis from playing live, and has toured extensively throughout his career, which allows for a sense of familiarity with life on the road, even abroad. His lyrics abound from his experience and his music evokes The Band, Hank Sr., Left Frizzell, Waylon & Willie, John Prine and Kris Kristofferson. Playing with John Prine highlights his musical career thus far.

Wright’s brain swirls with musical ideas and themes that he wants to create. He describes his creative energy as “a slow burn.” Currently, old blues from Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, and even Dr. John’s Gris Gris album replay in his head. Perhaps Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) or Conor Oberst(Bright Eyes) or even OutKast might want to collaborate with him on a New Orleans-based dirty swamp blues album. Wright’s albums are never the same thing twice, so we think hooking up musically with New Orleans-based Kristin Hersh would be interesting.



Songs in Episode 1110 include:

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