Dawes’ most recent record, Nothing Is Wrong, launched the folk rockers from niche-favorites to headliners of sold out shows. At the beginning of the summer when it was released, fans and music bloggers latched onto their album as they had their performances, spreading the word about Dawes in ways the guys could only dream. Now preparing for a European and Australian tour, Dawes may surpass some of the bands they were supporting as openers just last year.

For a band who defines themselves with their analog recordings and vintage tube gear, they really fleshed out their vibe by bringing live sound guru, Wes Delk, on board for the fall stretch of their tour. Jonathan Wilson‘s production and studio keep the Los Angeles band channeling Laurel Canyon and Echo Park’s music history; they are very aware of what has come before them, yet humble about their role in the developing roots rock music scene.

While their music may not be overtly political, the guys are certainly influenced by the inclusion of social justice in lyrics, particularly in older R&B and folk music.  For those who know Dawes, they were not surprised to see them perform with Jackson Browne as part of an “Occupy Wall Street” protest in Manhattan in December 2011.  Goldsmith takes his songwriting craft seriously, and immerses himself in great writing, such as Browne’s.



Songs in Episode 1201 include: