Shurman first appeared on our radar when mentioned on Country Fried Rock by two Austin, Texas bands in 2011:  Stonehoney and The Mother Truckers.  When musicians recommend other musicians, we pay attention.  Through the magic of the Americana Music Festival, front-man Aaron Beavers and I met through mutual friends at a casual event in Church Street Park benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank.  We talked for a while and he mentioned that he was releasing three new records in the next year or so, including a Christmas album recorded in the height of Austin’s hottest summer in recent memory.

Despite no similarities whatsoever to Rush, Shurman’s next release, Inspiration, lands on February 21, 2012 (2.21.12…2112…insert music geek laughter here).  Shurman’s new record label, Teletone Records, has given the guys the freedom to record what they want on their own schedule.  Country Fried Rock is thrilled to be the first media outlet to bring three brand-new songs to you from the Austin rockers’ upcoming record, Inspiration.  “Back to Texas” is an homage to Aaron’s grandmother, Jane Beavers, “Midnight Apt. 9 Blues” is a song Mike Therieau wrote that the band enjoys playing and highlights Mike’s vocals, and the title track “Inspiration.”

Although Beavers is a native Texan (and we follow the Third Coast Music’s definition of “Texan”, of “from there or got there as fast as they could”), he lived in many places, including long stints near Atlanta, Hawaii, and Los Angeles.   He is definitely a Texan because he thinks barbecue is made from beef, not pork, and does not include a vinegar preparation!  Beavers is at home in many places, and with many other musicians.  He is one of those guys that other players and music people gravitate towards, like his buddies Rich Mahan, John Popper, and Shilah Morrow of Sin City Social Club.  After a nice run with Popper’s Duskray Troubadors, John returned the favor to play some awesome harmonica on one of the hotter-than-Hades sessions for the Christmas tunes Shurman just released.


Songs in Episode 1202 include:

  • the three from Shurman mentioned above
  • a tune from John Popper and the Duskray Troubadors
  • Asleep at the Wheel
  • Stonehoney
  • Band of Heathens
  • and in the 58 minute version of the radio program, Aaron’s college-band colleague, Josh Rouse