Southeast Engine released their latest record, Canary, just as the band was dispersing geographically–relocating for their dayjobs, but coming together as a band. The guys are in Athens and Dayton, Ohio, Morgantown, West Virginia, and Durham, North Carolina, but being spread out has not seemed to detract from their mutual language as Southeast Engine.Working with Misra Records has connected the guys through five albums, and now one of them is working for the label itself. (Misra is very cool about offering a few songs from their artists for free download. Check them out here and investigate their other artists, too.)

The band formed while Leo DeLuca and Remnant shared mutual music interests as students at Ohio University. They are the core of the band, who have seen some line-up changes over their decade together. The Appalachian area of Southeastern Ohio influences their music, though, in the inclusion of old time and folk music into their psyche, processed through memories of his first electric guitar and Nirvana cover band duo with his brother, through local Dayton music, and classic 1960’s and 1970’s folk and rock. They consciously avoided being a garage rock or jam band, which is more prevalent in the Athens, Ohio area, and have gravitated more towards the old time and folk influences recently, which is apparent in Canary. They intentionally craft each album to reflect a cohesive sound, while also not repeating the exact vibe of previous work, and moving in new directions along an arc–not swinging the pendulum, but intentionally moving around within their comfort zone.

Despite having their own distinct musical identities, they appreciate the others’ preferences, too, and that allows them to arrange music together in a way that works, incorporating the different elements, but not muddying their sound. Remnant wants each album to be mini-masterpieces, and wishes they had unlimited time to create little releases between albums, like split 7″ or “basement tape” EP’s and music recorded simply for fun. An audience’s energy fuels the band and different venues bring distinct vibes, which can lead to very different shows from Southeast Engine.


Songs in Episode 1203 include: