When Brett Detar ended his band, The Juliana Theory, he was not sure he would ever play music again. Seeking a change, he became the customer service department and chief stain remover for his wife’s vintage clothing shop. Detar fully escaped music, trying to evade his self-doubt about his ability to write songs or be an artist at all. During these years, every scrap of paper of a lyric or theme crammed into a box, waiting for Detar to make them into music.

Once Brett decided that music still was his creative purpose, the development of Bird in the Tangle proceeded swiftly. Brett heavily researched the players he wanted and knew that Nashville offered the professionals and the sounds he imagined to bring these songs to life. Pete Young’s production brings a full, layered sound to Detar’s songs, contrasting with the solo tour that Brett ran in support of Bird in the Tangle.

Brett Detar, himself, though, embodies many contrasts, tall man with a soft speaking voice, physically transforming himself from long-haired, bearded troubador to freshly haircut and shaved self-portrait subject, and expressing himself through musical styles that differ based on how he has grown conceptually. For fans expecting “another” record from his former band, they will not find it here; however, for those who like to see how an artist matures and follows their muse wherever she may lead, they will love it. Bird in the Tangle stands on its own, for those who never knew Detar’s previous work.



Songs in Episode 1207 include:

  • 3 from Bird in the Tangle, Brett Detar’s recent release which can be downloaded for free from his website
  • Townes Van Zandt, “If I Needed You”
  • Gomez, “Extra Special Guy” (Producer Peter Young sings backing vocals on this one.)
  • Ralph Stanley, “In Despair”
  • Robert Ellis, “Friends Like Those”
  • Deep Dark Woods, “Sugar Mama
  • A preview of next week’s Episode 1208, The Vespers, “Tell Your Mama,” available for free download on Noisetrade