When sisters Phoebe and Callie Cryar met brothers Taylor and Bruno Jones at a picnic and music jam at their mutual friend’s home, little did the then-teens realize that just a few years later the four would form a folk band called, The Vespers. Despite growing up in families who had experienced careers in the music industry, they had really gleaned more about the reality that it was not an easy life path as neither of their family members remained in the business. As the foursome has moved forward, though, they have called upon their families’ support as well as some notable friends, such as Brian Simpson, formerly of Cadillac Sky.

As their name, The Vespers, indicates, the members of the band are fundamental believers in Christianity, although the songs themselves are not necessarily evangelical. Sonically, though, the tunes are simple folk songs, with a touch of twang in the instrumentation. Despite their youth and professed nervousness, The Vespers performed on Music City Roots to immediate acclaim. Despite only having time for them to play two songs, the band brought it all to that performance in a way that clearly won over sceptics. I found them that night–as I was watching MCR for the other bands on the line-up, but, for the first time ever, tracked them down to feature based on their performance.

Tell Your Mama hints at the sounds that may be to come from The Vespers. Whether they hone their twangier, amped up tunes or drift towards the mellower, folk songs could move them from one set of fans to an entirely different crowd. They are most comfortable with fans similar to themselves–young, energetic, Christian college students–which may ultimately make them a more financially viable band rather than the strength of their still-developing style. See The Vespers live, and you will enjoy them; get their record, and you will surprise yourself when you find yourself singing some of their catchy melodies, whether you want to or not.



Songs in Episode 1208 include: