Margo Price of Buffalo Clover feels pulled in many directions with the music she writes and performs. With the development of her side project, Margo and the Pricetags, the lure of traditional country finally has an outlet, and rock can stay with Buffalo Clover. That said, the band is as eclectic as their self-description.

The core duo with her husband, Jeremy Ivey, morphs with members and special guests, which yields different feels for each record and even their performances. Despite a personally tragic year, the band’s success with the release of Low Down Time expanded to include a tour in the UK and a noted video filmed in Liverpool. The album demonstrates their influences, moving from psychedelic roots rock through a waltz and a twangy love song. Buffalo Clover has relied on the kindness of their friends in the music business to pull in different skills and support, from their indie label, Palaver Records, to noted recording studio, The Bomb Shelter, and buddy Micah Hulscher,  on keys. This release, though, is more cohesive than previous releases, with everything having a roots rock basis.

The dynamic of a married couple writing and co-writing yields a competitive creative filter, pushing each other to improve and rework songs in their development. Recently, though, Buffalo Clover has worked more collaboratively with the band members and friends in developing songs, even building bluesy riffs from which songs expand. They want to emphasize the 1960’s rock vibe of their music, but like many creative folks, they are pulled in many directions–while trying not to confuse the listener and still have outlets for all their musical ideas.


Songs in Episode 1210 include:

One from Next Week’s Episode 1211, Paladino, “Ode to Misery”