There’s a theme in Country Fried Rock radio episodes, where somehow, the bass player is usually the “character” in the band. In Paladino, however, Annie Rothschild insists that they all are quirky and amusing. It’s difficult to see how they could surpass her ebullient discussion of music, and the surprising range of genres to which she regularly listens. Our conversation started, with our mutual hometown, Atlanta, and one of the Peach State’s many enduring Southern jam bands, Widespread Panic–who just happened to have their first record, the original version of Space Wrangler, released on her dad’s record label, Landslide (early Webb Wilder, Derek Trucks, Colonel Bruce Hampton, Tinsley Ellis also recorded for Landslide). (Space Wrangler was later picked up by Capricorn and released in an expanded format.)

Paladino’s music combines something of a traditional country intent with a delivery somewhere between the Velvet Underground and New York-style punk, although they view themselves as a country band, not of the Nashville sound. Rothschild is drawn to blues and soul music, with a healthy discussion of Delta blues and New Orleans music and a penchant for soulful gospel, like TL Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir. While her own influences range across many sounds, the band members themselves bring in even broader inspiration, but their common language as Paladino flows easily.

Paladino works together with levels of comfortable interplay, from developing grooves between Rothschild’s upright bass and the drums, to the melding of lyrics and melody, and fleshing out songs. The band even travels with the two small children of some of the band members and a great-aunt nanny. It’s one thing to take your own kids on the road, but when band mates enjoy hanging out with toddlers that are not their own, that really shows their familial bond. With nearly an entire album’s worth of new material road-tested, Paladino is ready to bring some professional guidance from a key producer to their next record, hopefully yielding a more cohesive, distinctive sound.

Songs in Episode 1211 Include: