Glossary is one of those bands that several other bands have mentioned in interviews as being their favorite band.  Oddly, that’s become Glossary’s calling card: your favorite band’s favorite band…that you’ve never heard of.  Songwriter Joey Kneiser even sums it up, “Your fans are out there.  They just don’t know you exist yet.”  For a band who has been together at its core since the mid-1990’s and released several albums to critical acclaim, Glossary just cannot escape “cult band” status.  Their writing is straightforward and solid, their playing is top-notch, and their sound is influenced by many genres, but maintains a cohesive rock-based sound without varying so much as to lose its identity nor being so overly influenced as to become neo-anything.  Glossary records sound like Glossary.

As someone into emerging music, even I did not discover Glossary until The Avery Set mentioned their (at that time) upcoming album, Feral Fire.  I began to follow Glossary online, with several near-misses at live shows, and did not track them down officially until Americana Festival 2012 in Nashville.  One unusually hot Saturday afternoon in the Basement’s parking lot, Glossary delivered on a set that was just what I hoped for–rocking, danceable, and packed with fans.  I briefly introduced myself after the set to Kelly Kneiser, gave her my card, and helped carry some gear.  Several months later, Joey and I chatted via telephone for the radio show.

Glossary’s current album, Long Live All of Us, brings in their Muscle Shoals to Memphis musical interests, all balanced on top of the early songs of Bruce Springsteen and The Replacements.  The entire album makes you want to move, and came from a desire to find the positive in music in an economy that seems bleak.  No matter what, you have yourself and your friends, and music can be your fun.  Glossary’s network of friends in music help them sustain their creative path, and mutually support one another along their journey.  It’s really pretty cool.  With a gig at Bonnaroo 2012, hopefully a great booking agent will help them bring their music to a much broader fanbase.


Songs in this episode include:

  • Glossary Long Live All of Us:  “Keep It Coming,” “Trouble Won’t Last Always,” “A Shoulder to Cry On”
  • South San Gabriel (side project of Centro-Matic) “Trust to Lose”
  • Deer Tick “Born at Zero”
  • Lucero “Sometimes”
  • The Replacements S***, Shower, Shave (Live in 1989, official release) “(Un)Satisfied”
  • Next week’s episode Lake Street Dive “Hello, Goodbye!”