Best of 2012 musician, Jimbo Mathus, has a new album out called Dark Night Of The Soul. Please enjoy this archived program following his EP, Blue Light, in anticipation of White Buffalo. The podcast at the bottom of this page is still one of our most popular. –SS

Jimbo Mathus describes himself as “original,” a word with layers of meaning for him and that he uses frequently in conversation. Mathus is one of those rare, self-taught experts in the humanities, well-versed in art history and poetry, local history and its impact on the arts, music, theatre, and subcultures–without ever being pretentious. He immersed himself in studying these areas to satisfy his own curiosity, not to impress anybody else. Most likely, these topics will not even arise while you go cat-fishing together with Jimbo.

Mathus is one of those guys who absorbs everything artistic that is around him, lets it ferment for decades, then pours it forth in projects of his own and those he envisions with others. Most known for his work with the Squirrel Nut Zippers, Elvis Costello, and Buddy Guy–while notable–those are just blips along his path of fascination with art and music. Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition are prolific, and he has released several projects in the last five years, including playing as part of the South Memphis String Band, the TSC, and a solo EP available only on translucent blue vinyl, Blue Light.

For the last decade, much of Jimbo Mathus’s creative energy has gone into producing for other musicians, allowing him to “join” hundreds of bands and help them realize their visions. Earlier this year, he closed his studio and focused on collaborations across the Mississippi hill country. With a brand new EP, and a full-length album set for fall release, Mathus has plenty on tap for the next several months. Whatever engages him next will be magnetic.

Lakota Nation links about the sacred white buffalo that was later murdered, including a link directly to the reward fund: Please consider donating.

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NOTE: There is one instance of the word “cr@p” that has already been bleeped.