The Brothers Comatose¬† bring a lifetime of rock appreciation to their string band. Bouncing between traditional and progressive numbers, their instrumentation lumps them into the “bluegrass” tent, but their folk and rock sensibilities keep the party going. Their instrumental, “Pennies Are Money, Too,” would get nods from even the most rigid bluegrass traditionalists.

Comprised of two real-life brothers and their three buddies, The Brothers Comatose share stages at festivals and music halls with a variety of fellow band-friends. They intentionally join and create bills with bands who keep the same energy, but musically vary from their style. They partner with neo-soul and roots rock friends, to keep the evening diverse and interesting, but still upbeat and dance-able. Rarely–even at the mellowest festival–will you see people sitting down at a Brothers Comatose show.

Creatively, The Brothers Comatose develop the roots of their songs individually, then expand the instrumentation together. On their last record, they used actual “live takes,” but the odd part of recording music is that a “live” sound is not captured through “live” methods. On Respect the Van, they continued to strive to capture the live sound, this time using the quirks of the recording process to create a sound that feels more live. Got that?

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