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Sloane Spencer

Producer & Host

Sloane Spencer will tell you that music changed her life. She championed Americana music long before she knew it had a name.  Like many ultra-fans of music discovery, Spencer started a music blog, Country Fried Rock, and quickly added a Top 5 streaming station in its genre.  By 2012, Spencer’s friendly, knowledgeable interviews found their way to shine as podcasts.

Spencer covered Americana music for PopMatters, No Depression, The Bluegrass Situation, South Carolina Music Guide, and others.  For many years, Spencer has advocated for musicians’ mental health care, bringing awareness to the unique needs facing musicians.  She executive produced two music compilations that benefit Nuci’s Space (Athens, GA), preventing musician suicide.

Spencer embodies that southern spirit present in Americana, and it’s the connection she feels with the music that makes her take on the genre so authentic. And she exemplifies everything that is good about the South: DIY ethos, charm, and an unconventional approach that always leaves you wanting to hear more.

About Country Fried Rock Podcast

There are still parts of American music where songs matter. Where people and the stories they tell mean everything. Where care is taken to craft each note and every word. Country Fried Rock shines a light on these parts of American music and introduces its listeners to its people, stories, and songs. –Brian Roessler

Sloane Spencer, host of Country Fried Rock, is an educated, passionate, and inspired music lover, as well as a brilliant conversationalist. That’s what a great interview is, it’s a memorably good conversation with someone who engages you. Sounds easy enough, but it’s actually quite rare, and those who can do it should be applauded loudly. It was my pleasure to spend some time on Country Fried Rock—keep the great radio coming! –MARY GAUTHIER, Americana Music Assn Emerging Artist of the Year 2005

Country Fried Rock is a superlative podcast. Host Sloane Spencer asks all the great questions and plays all the great tunes. Check it out! –ERIC “ROSCOE” AMBEL, Producer, Recording Artist (The Del-Lords)

I am always thrilled when Sloane Spencer interviews Conqueroo’s artists. Not all artists are right for Country Fried Rock, I’ve found. As best I can define it, Sloane skews it to authentic rockin’ roots music by artists who are smart and fun and funny. I’m also happy to have our artists as guests because Sloane is a world-class social networker — making certain every CFR podcast has the opportunity to reach the maximum number of ears out there in the world. And as a listener, I tune in every chance I have as I know the interviews are going to be edifying and, as I said, fun in the extreme. –CARY BAKER, Conqueroo

Country Fried Rock — my audio home in South Carolina! Thanks for all the great music!! –MARSHALL CHAPMAN, Singer-Songwriter, New CD ‘Blaze of Glory’, Author of They Came to Nashville and Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller

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