What Guests and Radio Pros Are Saying about Country Fried Rock

“Sloane Spencer, host of Country Fried Rock, is an educated, passionate, and inspired music lover, as well as a brilliant conversationalist. That’s what a great interview is, it’s a memorably good conversation with someone who engages you. Sounds easy enough, but it’s actually quite rare, and those who can do it should be applauded loudly. It was my pleasure to spend some time on Country Fried Rock—keep the great radio coming!”
–MARY GAUTHIER, AMA Emerging Artist of the Year 2005, New CD ‘Live at Blue Rock’

“Country Fried Rock is a superlative podcast. Host Sloane Spencer asks all the great questions and plays all the great tunes. Check it out!”
–ERIC “ROSCOE” AMBEL, Producer, Recording Artist (The Del-Lords), latest CD ‘Elvis Club’

“I am always thrilled when Sloane Spencer interviews Conqueroo’s artists. Not all artists are right for Country Fried Rock, I’ve found. As best I can define it, Sloane skews it to authentic rockin’ roots music by artists who are smart and fun and funny. I’m also happy to have our artists as guests because Sloane is a world-class social networker — making certain every CFR podcast has the opportunity to reach the maximum number of ears out there in the world. And as a listener, I tune in every chance I have as I know the interviews are going to be edifying and, as I said, fun in the extreme.”
–CARY BAKER, Conqueroo

“Sloane has impeccable taste in music and has a clear understanding of where it came from AND where it’s going. A rarity in radio these days.”
–AARON BEAVERS (Shurman), Latest CD ‘Inspiration’

“Country Fried Rock — my audio home in South Carolina! Thanks for all the great music!!”
–MARSHALL CHAPMAN, Singer-Songwriter, New CD ‘Blaze of Glory’, Author of They Came to Nashville and Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller

“For those who are weary of corporate radio’s laminated playlists, Country Fried Rock cultivates a unique menu each week. Much like going to your favorite restaurant for a meal you could never create at home, host Sloane Spencer is your master chef. She skillfully combines artist, interview and music for your aural enjoyment. Country Fried Rock brings together culturally significant music and artist interviews that provide insight into the creation and meaning of their art. Spencer’s musical knowledge and natural ability to craft conversational interviews makes the show an important component for any radio station in search of professional programming that’s unique, entertaining and insightful.”
—JASON SAMUEL, Program Director of 91.1 The Globe, WGCS, #1 College Radio Station in the US

“I love Country Fried Rock! Sloane always asks musicians interesting questions that help to reveal a bit more about who they are and their influences. I really enjoy listening in because I know that it will dig a bit deeper, and I will get to hear some good tunes, regardless of whether I already know of the band or not. This lady’s got great taste!”
~ERIN SCHOLZE, Dreamspider Publicity

“Being a guest on Country Fried Rock was a terrific experience-
-my fans enjoyed it a lot and it introduced me to new fans, too. The in-depth interview with Sloane brought out some things even I hadn’t thought about before, and her guidance gave me tips into how to present myself effectively in media interviews. Great show!”
–MARK ROBINSON, “Top 20 Roots Guitar Player” – The Alternate Root, New CD ‘Have Axe – Will Groove’

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@countryfriedrok To engage so deeply that we actually disappear into the work, free of ego and free of self, that is beautiful. Thank you!
— OfficialMaryGauthier (@MaryGauthier_) February 8, 2013

Love this band!! St. Paul and the Broken Bones:Free EP…
— annkpowers (@annkpowers) December 21, 2012

@countryfriedrok I could listen to you interview Kermit D Frog. #TruePro — Ryan Estes (@radioestes) December 10, 2012

@countryfriedrok thank you for all the support! It all helps so much. Seriously. We very much appreciate it.
— Browan Lollar Music (@BrowanLollar) December 14, 2012

@countryfriedrok This tweet is gold! Can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store for you!
— Music City Roots (@MusicCityRoots) December 11, 2012

@CountryFriedRok great job on editing my rambling random ranting into a somewhat cohesive interview. Haha. Yer awesome.
— kev russell (@shinyribs) June 21, 2013