Alumni Update: The Burning Angels

Mark Cunningham was one of our first features on Country Fried Rock back in 2010, when we were a fledgling online radio station. He plays with several bands, as many musicians in Athens, Georgia do, and fronts his own band, The Burning Angels.  He also does pen and ink drawings and digital collage, many of which are his album covers and posters.

Get The Burning Angels’ music here on Bandcamp.

burning angels cover

Beautiful Scars is not an album that The Burning Angels have made before. It is an album that two of the band’s constant members (Mark Cunningham, Andrew Vickery) decided had to be made immediately after the release of Love & 20 Pesos. A deeply personal album for songwriter Mark Cunningham, Beautiful Scars explores the frailty, darkness, emotions and stories set in a gothic Southern landscape.

Putting trust into their own hands as producers, the pair played all of the instruments, recorded and mixed all of the songs, learning and discovering new sounds along the way. Beautiful Scars was a 6 month labor of love for The Burning Angels and is the band’s 3rd full-length album.

The Burning Angels are an Americana band based out of Athens, Georgia, founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter, Mark Cunningham. Previous releases are the 2011 self-titled, The Burning Angels and Love & 20 Pesos released in 2013. Mark Cunningham has released Searching for the Smaller Gods in 2010.