Best of 2011

Wow! In 2011, Country Fried Rock featured 50 roots musicians via in-depth conversations, highlighting their songwriting and musical influences.  From those, we selected the 40 most-listened to programs, and let our listeners select their Top 10.  Hundreds of listeners voted for the Country Fried Rock “Best of 2011” list, yielding a surprisingly clear Top 10.

If you liked any of the music we have featured this year, please consider buying the albums and supporting the musicians who make great songs.  All of the songs posted for download are with express written permission of the artists.  Please “thank” them by visiting their pages or buying their music.  If you buy music through our links, a very small portion also goes to bring you Country Fried Rock in the future.  Thanks for supporting roots music & Happy (almost) New Year!
10. Renee Wahl, Cumberland Moonshine
Free download “One More to Go

9. Betsy Franck, Still Waiting
Free download here.

8. The Back Row Baptists (now called Some Dark Holler), Broken Hearts and Bad Decisions
Free download “Purple Hearts” from the new Some Dark Holler EP

7. Dylan Sneed, Texodus
Free Download of “No Worse for the Wear,” Live on Dutch Radio

6.  James Scott Bullard, The Rise & Fall of James Scott Bullard & The Late Night Sweethearts
Free exclusive download, “Skin and Bones”

5.  Driftwood, Wanderlust
TWO exclusive, free downloads! “Jeannie and the Giant”
and “California’s Burning.”

4.  The Mother Truckers, Van Tour

3.  Kevn Kinney, A Good Country Mile (with the Golden Palominos)
Free download of “In the Land” exclusively for Country Fried Rock listeners.










2.  Abby Owens, Indiantown

1.  Stephanie Fagan, Heart Thief
Free download of “You Are the Devil,” first available for our listeners

So, who would you like to hear in 2012 
on Country Fried Rock?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Rounding out the fan-voted Top 25 of 2011:
25. Dehlia Low
24. Stonehoney
23.  The Only Sons
22.  Efren
21.  Dodd Ferrelle
20. The Avery Set
19. Doc Dailey (My personal favorite of 2011, even though it was released in late 2010.)
18.  The Wild Rumpus
17.  Matt Woods
16.  Mark Cunningham
15.  Joe Pug
14.  Allen Thompson
13.  Packway Handle Band
12.  Boo Ray
11.  Farewell Drifters