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Can’t Hurt, Might Even Help

Hey! Evidently I repost bands’ stolen gear alerts so many times that people specifically contact me to help share their missing items. Happy to use our audience to help y’all get your stuff back, hopefully. Over the years, I’ve shared the brake lock and wheel locks that we have used, and also received some great suggestions, like this one sent to me via James Scott Bullard.

NOTE: These are Amazon affiliate links, which mean that when you buy something via these links, we get a small percentage of the sale and it does not cost you any extra. That being said, we cannot endorse these products specifically or any others, as thieves will take stuff if they really want it, no matter what may be trying to slow them down. Make sure your vehicle and/or trailer is compatible with these devices before using them. It might not prevent every theft, but it just might help.

Dewalt Mobile Lock & Similar GPS Locator Devices

Brake Lock for Disc Brakes (remember to remove it before you drive away!)

Wheel Lock for Vehicle or Trailer

Musicians are a target for thieves because we carry a lot of valuable equipment in a van/trailer that takes a professional thief about one minute to steal. Here's a video where I show you the DEWALT MOBILELOCK, which helped us get almost all our gear back immediately after it was stolen last month while we ate lunch. I'm not getting anything to promote this, I just want more bad guys caught and more bands getting their stuff back. Show this to the bands you know, because sadly it's almost more a matter of "when" their stuff will be stolen instead of "if". More details at For my music, visit

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