Jeffrey Foucault rocked Lisa Olstein‘s poetry in their second album as Cold Satellite, Cavalcade. Calling it “their” album is misleading, in a way, though, since Olstein delivers her poetry to Foucault and then he turns them into lyrics and creates the music based on a “feel” he gets from the first line. Like asking a painter what her painting means, the answer might be, “I don’t know.” Similarly, Foucault and Olstein cull entirely different meanings from their composite work, including a funny take on a song written about pregnancy! To hear Foucault describe their process from poetry to song, you begin to understand the appeal of his Cold Satellite project from a creative perspective–not just because the album rocks.

Sloane Spencer Interviews Jeffrey Foucault of Cold Satellite

Liner Notes

  • Cold Satellite Cavalcade The “composite” album of Lisa Olstein’s poetry and Jeffrey Foucault’s music.
  • Jeffrey Foucault  Most of Foucault’s solo work is acoustic songwriter music.
  • Lisa Olstein’s Poetry
  • Redbird  One of Foucault’s previous collaborative projects, in which he joined with other noted songwriters, Kris Delmhorst and Peter Mulvey, to cover songs written by everyone from Greg Brown to R.E.M. to Tom Waits.
  • Riding The Range Songs of Townes Van Zandt  This tribute album was a great excuse to include one of Foucault covering TVZ.
  • Fishing Music II Ben Winship and David Thompson  There are 2 albums in this series, “a collection of folk, blues, & swing” according to the tag line.  Both are a fun collection of variations on a theme, with volume 2 including Foucault’s tune, Mayfly–this time performed by Winship and Thompson.  It is also available on Foucault’s own recordings.
  • The National Trouble Will Find Me  Another recent album to come from the noted Clubhouse recording studio in Rhinebeck, NY.
  • Hayward Williams A noted songwriter in his own right, Williams is also part of the Cold Satellite band.