Contact Info For Interested Bands

For consideration of your music for our podcast, we strongly recommend that you look at our archives and listen to a program before you submit. Lots of details:

  • We only accept original music–albums, not singles.  If you do not write your songs, do not send us your music.
  • WEBSITE We prefer to listen to snippets BEFORE you send us your CD.  Usually, we can tell from a few songs whether the album will work for the show, and you might save yourself some money if it doesn’t work.  If you do not have a website, you will not be featured.
  • AMAZON & ITUNES Your music needs to be for sale on Amazon or iTunes.  There are many affordable ways to do this.  Sell Your Music on iTunes and Google Music with TuneCore (Sponsored link that we approve & use ourselves.)  If your music is not available on Amazon or iTunes, you will not be featured.
  • We do not give feedback on why your music was not selected.  If your next record goes in another direction, get back in touch. This has happened several times where a debut did not work, but the second or third record was a huge program for us.  It’s not personal–there are a lot of factors that go into how a record is selected or not.
  • Do not send attachments, “dropbox” type links, or mp3s in email without prior communication from us asking you for this content.  Email will be deleted without being read if files or downloads are sent blindly.
  • We generally cover full-length albums, but rarely we will feature an EP–rarely.
  • FCC SAFE MUSIC You must alert us to any songs that have FCC-warnings.  We strongly recommend that you send FCC SAFE versions of the songs.  Your songs that do not comply WILL NOT be played or will be edited without your input.
  • All band members must be 18 or older.
  • Often, we will reconnect with a band that has a fabulous live show that we have seen, even if the record did not grab us initially. A fabulous live show always supersedes a record for us.
  • If you want us to post a track for you, it must be either on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.  You will need to send us the embed code.
  • If you would like to send us your CD and one sheet, our mailing address is Country Fried Rock, PO Box 4110, Florence, SC 29502
  • Email