Country Fried Rock Curates Charity Compilation

The Country Fried Rock Collection Volume One, To Benefit Nuci’s Space

Country Fried Rock is a one-hour, weekly radio road trip that features some of the most exciting off-the-radar artists from legendary veterans like James McMurtry to up-and-comers Ha Ha Tonka. Host and producer, Sloane Spencer is an unapologetic lover of all things “musically real” and turns up the volume on Delta Blues, Western Swing, Rock & Roll, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Honky-Tonk, R&B, soul, Gospel and many other Made-in-America treasures. Spencer is also passionate about giving back to the community. Recently she curated a compilation of music titled, “The Country Fried Rock Collection, Vol. 1—To Benefit Nuci’s Space, Athens, GA”.

This Tuesday, May 8th, NoiseTrade Distribution will begin offering a free download of the record with an online “Tip Jar” for donations. Typically, the money would go directly to the artist, but for this project, 100% of the donations will go directly to Nuci’s Space. Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well being of musicians. The Foundation was created as a memorial to Nuci Phillips, a young musician living in Athens who took his own life in 1996.

The artist-donated songs are Americana radio “friendly” and are either exclusive songs, never-been-released, or exclusive pre-releases, including a song from influential 80’s/90’s band Dreams So Real, which was recorded at the famous John Keane Studios. Also on the compilation is a song written and donated by the band, Bloodkin “Henry Parsons Died”, which people often associate with Widespread Panic. There is a song contributed from actress and Athens, GA native, Laura Slade Wiggins (known as Karen on Showtime’s “Shameless”) from her debut EP Clementine called “Stepping Out”. An enormous mixture of essential Athens musicians also donated to the compilation, as well as friends of Country Fried Rock from around the country such as Don Gallardo, Brett Detar, The Fulltones and many more. is the link for donating and we are encouraging you to spread share the link on social media and to click, download the songs and donate to Nuci’s Space.

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Many people helped make this project possible, including Bob Sleppy at Nuci’s Space, Mark Nash, Kim Grant of KG Music Press, Nate Puza Graphic Design, and all of the musicians who donated their songs to benefit other musicians via Nuci’s Space.  Please support them by following them on Facebook and Twitter, checking out their websites, and buying their music.  Thank you.

All songs exclusives, exclusive pre-releases or never-before-released songs.
1.  Two Blondes, by The Fulltones
2.  The Devil’s Gotta Earn, by Brett Detar
3.  Stepping Out, by Clementine  (Laura Slade Wiggins plays Karen on Showtime’s Shameless)
4.  Lowboy, by Dreams So Real (never before released)
5.  Sucker Punch Town (acoustic), by Dodd Ferrelle
6.  Henry Parsons Died, by Bloodkin (known by Widespread Panic)
7.  I’ve Seen the Love, by The Welfare Liners
8.  While I’m Young, by Allen Thompson
9.  Sinking Ships, by Don Gallardo
10.  Lost on the Road, by Betsy Franck
11.  Constantina, by Boo Ray
12.  The Woods and the Wild, by Efren
13.  Another Heart, by James Scott Bullard
14.  Too Tired Too Wired, by Mark Robinson
15.  Pledge, by Dangfly!
16.  Better than Gone, by 90 Acre Farm
17.  The End (live), by The District Attorneys
18.   On New Years Day, by The Burning Angels
19.  Prodigal (acoustic), by Stephanie Fagan