Dash Rip Rock!

Dash Rip Rock are back!

Bill Davis on “Meet Me at the River”:
“We gave ourselves a challenge to write an anthemic Southern rocker like “Mississippi Queen” or “Up Around the Bend.” This song went through several versions. It was mostly inspired by the 70s Louisiana band Potliquor who sang about the bayou and played fist-pumping classic rock. This is our tribute to all the great Louisiana rock and roll that came before us. The line “call Landry on his houseboat” is a nod to Kirk Landry from the Dick Nixons who passed away a few years ago.

This song was originally recorded at a faster speed. Ben Mumphrey slowed the whole track down for the album and this gave it a much more solid groove. But for the video, we went back to that first mix for fun.

I used to go listen to bands at Fred’s on the Amite River in Port Vincent with my dad. “Meet Me at the River” reminds me of that time. I also like to drive my boat fast and this is the perfect song for that.“

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