JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers went electric on Wild Moon, and if you only knew their old time acoustic debut, Wake Up Sinners, and have not seen them live recently, you might be as shocked as audiences hearing Dylan go electric at Newport Folk Fest.  Well, maybe not, but that sort of hyperbole is de rigeur for showman, songwriter, harmonica player, illustrator, author, and cartoonist, JD Wilkes.  Frequently using his honorary moniker of “Colonel,” as in Kentucky Colonel, a distinction given by the governor to notable Kentuckians, Wilkes is the creative mind behind the entire sideshow and brand of the Dirt Daubers, including his latest book chronicling small town picking parties and barn dances across Kentucky.  He is as intense a conversationalist as you might imagine, spewing one-liners and ideas like hot popcorn without a lid.  I love his vision and how he ties everything together — like “performance art.”

Liner Notes