Dodd Ferrelle: If You Were A Jellybean

Our alum, Dodd Ferrelle, has a children’s book, If You Were A Jellybean.

If You Were a Jelly Bean is a fun, interactive book that parents and children of all ages can complete together. Have fun learning about animals, colors and more while learning a little bit about each other. We hope you enjoy finishing this book as much as we enjoyed leaving it unfinished… As an added bonus you will receive an mp3 of the song “My Favorite.” “My Favorite” is the second song on the CD Happy Hands released by The Happy Hands Band in 2012.

Songwriter/Author and singer in The Happy Hands Band, Dodd Ferrelle wrote the song “My Favorite” after coming up with the idea for the book If You Were A Jelly Bean. Dodd’s wife Cameron had the pleasure of illustrating the book.

Get the Happy Hands Theme Song here…
happy hands band …or The Happy Hands Band on iTunes.