Dodd Ferrelle “Suckerpunch Town”

New video from one of my Personal Picks of 2012: Dodd Ferrelle’s Suckerpunch Town!

Details from the band about the video:
Please enjoy the OFFICIAL 2013 RELEASE of the video for “Suckerpunch Town”
off the new record by the same title available at

We had a blast filming this video and sneaking around downtown in the wee
hours on one of my favorite streets in Athens. Director Jeff Marker’s
vision and story really came alive for us in those few hours as I hope it
does for you in the next few minutes. I really did get beat up pretty
good there at the end. I had the bruises to prove it.

I would like to thank Director Jeff Marker and everyone at Late Fall
Productions as well as the following cast of characters and crew;
Jonathan Hickman (director of photography, camera operator, editor), David
Smith (camera operator), Kevin Eagleson (production assistant), Alicia
Marker (producer), Myron Tucker (Pusher man), Amy Severson (Leftwing
religious nut), Jeff Marshall (Right-wing religious nut), Joelle Re-Arp
Dunham (Siren), Adam Poulin (Homeless Violinist), Sean Polite (Thug 1),
and Eric Gregory (Thug 2).