Jason Daniels

I’ve known Jason Daniels for a few years, and didn’t even know he was a musician at first!

Buy his music here Dashboard Visions and Rearview Reflections on Amazon.

From his bio:

Jason Daniels has music in his blood. It runs in his family, and it runs through his
veins. He writes and sings songs about the joys and pitfalls of a life well lived,
and weaves these road worn stories together with his own inimitable blend of
American Roots Music on “Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections.”
Jason’s songs on DVRR draw from his years of travels and adventures that
landed him everywhere from Europe, to Grateful Dead singer Bob Weir’s Couch,
to Jail. The songs are honest, heartfelt reflections of a life well lived, and the ups
and downs that go along with living life to the fullest.

Recorded in East Nashville, TN at The Bomb Shelter, the studio now famous for
birthing the debut album by Alabama Shakes, Dashboard Visions & Rearview
Reflections sounds full and warm thanks to The Bomb Shelter’s incredible
collection of vintage analog gear. The band set up all in the same room and
tracked live to 2” reel to reel tape, resulting in an album that feels as great as it’s
analog foundation sounds.

Speaking of the band, Daniels tapped his good friend Peter Keys, a colorful
keyboard character from their days gigging around the San Francisco Bay Area,
to help him assemble the perfect complement of players to capture the essence
of these songs. Peter is best known as the keyboard player for the current lineup
of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and he brings along his vast repertoire of keyboard wizardry
as well as his history and familiarity with Daniels to add just the right amount of
color to the arrangements.

Keys tapped Nashville bassist Jay Kott to lay down the low-end foundation on
DVRR. Originally from Pontiac Michigan, Kott has toured the world and/or
shared the studio with Son Seals, Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy, Trey Anastasio, and
Randy Houser, among others. Jeff “Shakey” Fowlkes is a Nashville drummer
deeply rooted in classic rock, soul, blues, and country, and adds just the right
amount of rhythmic spice to DVRR’s musical gumbo. Born in Biloxi MS and
raised in Detroit MI, he is best known for his work with Robert Bradley’s
Blackwater Surprise, Uncle Kracker, and Kid Rock. Other players who joined in
to help with their considerable talents include Kid Rock’s Guitarist Kenny Olson,
Vocalists Barb Paugh and Mary Richardson, and percussionist Jeff Boggs.
Saxophonist Doug Thomas from Bay Area favorites Vinyl arraigned the horns.
Music made an early impression on Jason, having grown up around Country
Music Royalty. His Aunt and Uncle were Tammy Wynette and George Richey.
Uncle George wrote “The Grand Tour,” and “A Picture of Me Without You,” and
Daniels remembers being whisked away on a private jet and a tour bus as a
young boy to go see Aunt Tammy sing. “There’s nothing like stepping off a Lear
Jet and onto a Silver Eagle to impress a young musically curious mind,” says
Daniels. “That stuck with me and made me pay close attention to music at an
early age.”

You can listen to the Songs on DVRR and have some of the same experiences
Jason himself has had. Listen to “I’ve Seen The World” and have a jam session
with Ramblin Jack Elliot and Bob Weir, receive complements on your music from
Tom Waits, and hang out with Montreux Jazz Festival founder Claude Nobs at his
Swiss Chalet. “Actions and Consequences” affords the listener the chance to
misbehave without the repercussions the Author paid in full. Find your true love
after a series of failed relationships when falling into “You’re An Angel.”
Like a good book, the songs on Dashboard Views and Rearview Reflections take
you someplace you haven’t been, tell you stories that inspire, and let you know
you aren’t alone in your feelings. Buckle up for the ride, you never know what’s
going to be up around the bend.