Sarah Alden: *Exclusive* Song Premiere

Sarah Alden‘s debut solo album, Fists of Violets, expands her fiddle sounds beyond even that of her association with Luminescent Orchestrii, where I first became aware of her because of their collaboration with Carolina Chocolate Drops.

I learned about Eastern European music from a klezmer band in my hometown of Atlanta, and I happen to love how the music makes you want to move, even if you are driving. Alden hints at the many traditions from which the fiddle arises in this collection of songs, which could make it seem like a world music sampler, if she were not the connecting talent bringing these divergent styles together. I like the whole album, especially because as a collection, the songs tell a story of the fiddle across nations, but I have three favorite tracks: “Fists of Violets,” “Aunt Viola’s Waltz,” and “Niz Banju Idem.”

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