T. Hardy Morris

From the PR materials:

Morris describes the song “Audition Tapes” as being “about that window of time when you’re not a kid anymore but you’re far from grown up either. You don’t want to be at home necessarily, but you can’t drive yet so you’re stuck in this little bubble of making the most with your given surroundings; your neighborhood, your friends. I think that time in life can shape a lot about who we are for the rest of our lives; how we react to social situations and scenarios at this age. If you’re fearless at 14 you’ll likely be fearless as life continues. If you’re scared of life at 14, well, good luck I guess.”

That vibe is captured perfectly in the Transistor Six film for the song. “We wanted the video to be pretty literal,” says Morris, “so we just recruited the boys from the local Austin band Residual Kid to essentially be themselves. We went to a skate park and a few other places around Austin that fit the theme. They were good sports about the video and are pretty fearless. I think they’ll be fine.”

“When we listened to ‘Audition Tapes’ it was pretty immediate that we needed to tell this story on film and bring a nostalgic visual to it,” says Cory Llewellyn co-founder of Transistor Six, “Using vintage Super 8 cameras we wanted to have the story told in a home movie kind of way invoking memories versus being too literal. That nostalgic feeling also lends itself in the Lomography photos we shot with Hardy.”

Released this summer on Dangerbird Records, Audition Tapes is the solo debut for T. Hardy Morris, the Athens, GA based musician and lead singer of Dead Confederate. “It will break your heart in a very sincere, wildly passionate way,” wrote Paste of the album, while Stereogumpraised the “calming beauty” found on the record. American Songwriter adds that “Morris connects with the mythical ideal of Cosmic American music, attaining an ethereal sound that stands outside of time, stands beyond trends.”

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