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Best of 2015

Our listeners choose Country Fried Rock’s Best of 2015 list by streaming or downloading our podcasts throughout the year. Usually, this leads to a very clear selection of songwriters, but there were several ties this year, so the Top 10 are actually the top 14! Even better!

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10 Rayland Baxter

9 Lee Gallagher

8 tie: Aaron Lee Tasjan

8 tie: Andy Gabbard/
Buffalo Killers

8 tie: Great Peacock

7 Lilly Hiatt

6 Danny Barnes

5 Bones of JR Jones

4 tie: Justin Townes Earle

4 tie: 6 String Drag

3 Drivin N Cryin

2 Cale Tyson

1 tie: Ben Miller Band

1 tie: Steve Earle

6 String Drag #1503

Kenny Roby (previously featured here) and Rob Keller disbanded 6 String Drag at the top of their game, nearly 15 years ago. The first new album from 6 String Drag, Roots Rock N Roll, brings the group together again, ranging the gamut of roots rock with their brother-from-another-mother harmonies. Why would a regionally beloved band, seemingly at the peak of success, fall off the face of the earth? Love.

Buy 6 String Drag’s albums here.
Buy Rob Keller’s bluegrass band, the Welfare Liners, here.
Buy Kenny Roby’s solo albums here.

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6 String Drag

Country Fried Rock alumni, Kenny Roby and Rob Keller, are back together as 6 String Drag, the most under-rated roots rock band from the mid-1990s. After some intriguing reunion shows rounding out 2013, the rumors of a new album turned out to be true. The bones are recorded, and now the glitter needs to be added — rock & roll needs horns, y’all, as Roby says.


Help them fund the last bits of the album by buying some excellent merch here (including High Hat goods!) or an extremely limited edition 3-color hand-screened poster from rock & roll artist, Skillet Gilmore of Crawlspace Press.


Kenny Roby #1317

Kenny Roby returns to music with a dark record, Memories and Birds. Roby describes it as a “slow burn,” an album that builds as you listen to the entire sequence. You cannot miss the vocal hint of Elvis Costello in Roby’s voice, which surprised me, as I had not noticed that back in the 6 String Drag days. This is not a nostalgic record–it is totally new territory for Roby. Make some coffee and slowly wake up on a weekend morning with this record on repeat. You’ll find yourself reaching for it again, as the lyrics slowly burn in your psyche and emerge at the strangest times. Roby has made a memorable album, but not one that jumps up in your face at first.

Liner Notes

  • Kenny Roby Memories & Birds
    “Memories & Birds,” “Tired of Being in Love,” “The Monster” Roby was also the founder of 6 String Drag, a band signed to Steve Earle’s label, E Squared, in the 1990’s. They recorded 3 or 4 albums, depending on who you ask, 2 of which were released. Roby also collaborated with previously featured songwriter, Neal Casal.
  • The V-Roys Sooner or Later Sooner Or Later “Cry” This is another band with many branches that have touched this program, including Scott Miller (and the Commonwealth, not the guy from Big Star who passed away this April), John Paul Keith (now of the One Four Fives), & Mike/Mic Harrison (and the High Scores).
  • Two Dollar Pistols Here Tomorrow Gone Today
    “Here Tomorrow, Gone Today” We’ve played several songs from the guys who were in this band at various times on this program. They’ve backed Tift Merritt, as well. John Howie still fronts a band, The Rosewood Revue, and the original drummer also played for the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I think those are all the branches of the family tree that touch this band that have been on this program!
  • 6 String Drag “She’s a Hurricane” on 6 String Drag 6 String DragHigh Hat High Hat & 6 String Drag are not currently available on mp3, so these are CD links. There’s a long-standing rumor that some deluxe re-issues of these 2 albums and some other bootleg material might get released. My fingers are crossed! Rob Keller of the band has a great bluegrass band, The Welfare Liners, who we will feature soon on the program.High On A Hilltop
  • Tim Easton Beat the Band “Nobody Plays Piano in Athens, GA” Roby will be on the road with Easton later this year.