alumni update

Patrick Sweany “Working For You”

Our alum, Patrick Sweany, is one of my most favorite musicians on the planet. I love his records and his shows are even better. Check out his latest video which debuted on Esquire magazine today!

Buy Patrick Sweany’s music here.
or Patrick Sweany on iTunes.

Download his podcast here.

A Very Glossary Christmas

Your favorite band’s favorite band, Glossary, has done it again!

Check out their excellent teaser for their upcoming special, A Very Glossary Christmas!

Hear one of the best interviews we’ve ever done, with Joey Kneiser of Glossary.

Buy Glossary’s music HERE on Amazon or HERE on iTunes.

Alumni Update: Brett Detar

One of our fan-favorite programs of 2012 featured Brett Detar, formerly of the Juliana Theory, but his music has long since left that behind.

You can get his new album, Too Free To Live, for free for a limited time on As Detar says,

I poured my heart & soul into these songs & this album – and I’m pretty sure it even tried to kill me once or twice. It’s been a hard-fought labor of love and I believe you can hear that when you listen (speaking of listening – huge thanks to my brothers the Mardos who went way above and beyond engineering and mixing it).

brett detar cover

Detar also shares the link for his tour-mate, Joseph West’s, new EP, which is available for free at