Andrew Combs

Andrew Combs

Andrew Combs has a new record coming out 3 March 2015! Look for lots of European dates in January and February. (I couldn’t find a website, just a Bandcamp page for him.)

Toy Soldiers #1330

Toy Soldiers hail from Philadelphia.  I first ran across a live series on YouTube that featured them.  From its origins as a side band, light-hearted project, to becoming much more serious and expanding to a dozen players, and then all falling apart on their first long tour — leading to songwriter Ron Gallo returning home as a solo act — Toy Soldiers have evolved and devolved, to completely reinvent themselves and release their first “real” record.  The Maybe Boys, produced by Bill Moriarty, has been under wraps for over a year, so audiences who have caught their vibrant live show will be familiar with the songs, but if you have not had the chance to catch a Toy Soldiers’ show, they have captured their energy and essence in this album.  Get ready to dance and enjoy this radio show!

Liner Notes

  • Toy Soldiers here on Amazon or on iTunes.   The Maybe Boys releases this week, but their past work is fairly varied, as well. Catch their Converse Rubber Tracks EP and more.
  • Patrick Sweany’s new album Close to the Floor and other albums are here on Amazon or HERE on iTunes. Check out our conversation with Patrick Sweany from early 2012 HERE.  This radio show was in our listeners’ top picks of 2012!  If you get a chance to see Sweany live, get there early.  He’s fabulous.
  • Perkasie, originally a buddy band to the earlier version of Toy Soldiers, and later many of their members joined forces with Toy Soldiers. Buy their music here on Amazon or HERE on iTunes
  • Kid Carsons’ music is unavailable on Amazon, but you can get it here on iTunes.  The album cover for The Maybe Boys was photographed on their front porch!
  • Joe Fletcher (and The Wrong Reasons) music is here on Amazon or HERE on iTunes.  Fletcher has a new solo album, too.
  • Dr. Dog here on Amazon or HERE on iTunes — they have a brand new album coming in October 2013 called B Room (but I’ve seen it posted as “BRoom” online, as well).


The Blackwing Foundation

Yep, the pencil people, Blackwing, not only make cool pencils that do not smear from this lefty, but they also have great taste in music and some cool events to benefit music in public schools through The Blackwing Foundation.

Grab tickets for their benefit in-the-round acoustic performance with Willie Watson (Old Crow Medicine Show), Willie Tea Taylor (Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit), and Andrew Combs HERE.

Here’s more about the musicians and the event:
On Thursday, June 27th, Nashville recording artist Andrew Combs, Old Crow Medicine Show co-founder Willie Watson and Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit frontman Willy Tea Taylor will take part in a special acoustic concert at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa, CA.
Along with individual sets, the evening will feature an “in the round” session where all three musicians and other special guests will perform original compositions while discussing the songwriting process.
The performance will be part of the “Blackwing Sessions” music series. Proceeds from the show will benefit the Blackwing Foundation and its efforts to further arts and music education in schools.
Taylor was named by No Depression Magazine as “one of the most important American singer/songwriters of our time.” Saving Country Music compared Taylor’s songwriting to “those now legendary recordings of Paul Simon in his post-Garfunkel days.”
Watson spent 13 years as lead vocalist and songwriter for Old Crow Medicine Show. Paving the way for other roots bands like Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers, OCMS is best known for taking an unfinished Bob Dylan song (“Wagon Wheel”) and turning it into a cult classic. Watson partook in the historic “Railroad Revival Tour”, traveling to concerts throughout the Southwest exclusively by vintage trains, capturing every moment for the “Big Easy Express,” winner of the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video.
Combs’ “Worried Man” ranked as the highest debut album on American Songwriter Magazine’s annual list of 50 Best Albums of the Year in 2012. Said American Songwriter: “In a world full of pretenders, the Texas bred, Nashville based Combs is the genuine article.”

Sam Doores #1309

Sam Doores collaborates in recording and performing, making creative and practical decisions that allow his songs to reach as many audiences as possible. Whether Doores is playing solo, with his band, in a duo setting with a stompbox, or as part of Hurray for the Riff Raff, the versatile musician and songwriter is adding more to his professional toolbox. Doores’ influences range from Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, to knowledge by necessity with a weekly four-hour gig just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans–fusing the music of Allen Toussaint, old R&B, swamp pop, and traditional country with Irish barroom tunes. Such a diverse setlist allowed him to develop his own skills and sounds as he crafted and improved his own songwriting.

Liner Notes


#1247 Humming House

Humming House reversed all the normal processes for their first album.  When songwriter Justin Wade Tam went into the studio for a one-off single recording with legendary producer Mitch Dane, Tam did not even have a band assembled.  As he gathered his friends and their friends to fill the instrumentation he wanted for his songs, his professional relationship with Dane and the players grew, and the opportunity to record an album seemed possible.  As the assembly of players readied for the process, a family emergency pulled Dane away unexpectedly and the pre-production was scrapped as they were gratefully handed over to colleague Vance Powell to record the album–a happy accident, for sure.

In the process of recording the album, the group of players revealed themselves to be a band.  Although they did not start out that way, by the time the album was finished, Humming House had forged a musical path together.  As they have taken the album on the road over the past year, they have matured as a group, yielding clearer musical voices for each of the players and a more collaborative approach to the new songs they have written.  Humming House is already tossing around ideas for their next album, which will highlight Kristen Rogers soulful vocals more like their live shows than their first record indicates.

Humming House plays regularly, keeping their performances lively and throwing in unexpected covers, like Whitney Houston, Bill Withers, and the Beastie Boys–even the Ghostbusters Theme for Halloween.  They have become a band and putting the cart before the horse did not send them down the wrong path.  They started with their dream team, and have lived up to it as they have grown.


Thanks for helping these musicians keep making great albums! Buy their music here on Amazon our iTunes:

  • Humming House “Gypsy Django,” “Stop Me Still,” “Young Enough to Try”Humming House
  • Angel Snow “Lie Awake”Angel Snow
  • Andrew Combs “Worried Man” Andrew Combs
  • Beastie Boys “Intergalactic”Beastie Boys
  • The Dirt Daubers “Wake Up Sinners”The Dirt Daubers
  • Kristen Rogers “Don’t Let Me Win” (Could not find a link.)
  • The Raconteurs “The Switch and the Spur”The Raconteurs
  • Carolina Story “Carry Me Home” Carolina Story