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6 String Drag #1503

Kenny Roby (previously featured here) and Rob Keller disbanded 6 String Drag at the top of their game, nearly 15 years ago. The first new album from 6 String Drag, Roots Rock N Roll, brings the group together again, ranging the gamut of roots rock with their brother-from-another-mother harmonies. Why would a regionally beloved band, seemingly at the peak of success, fall off the face of the earth? Love.

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Dex Romweber Duo #1410

Dex Romweber Duo‘s brand new album, Images 13, derives its name from the cover art, an existing piece from Romweber’s own portfolio, although not enumerating the tracks (of which there are 12). Romweber was particularly forthcoming in our conversation, reflecting on his affinity for film noir, working with his friends in music, and how he would frame an autobiographical documentary, in contrast to the cult-favorite, Two Headed Cow. With a decades long career as a guitarist who rips it up every night he performs, Romweber opens up about how both his music changes or stays fixed, his duos evolved, and how he is feeling his age catching up with him, but is grateful to continue making music. He left me wanting to talk with him again.

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Southern Culture On The Skids

Re-record an entire album 20 years later? Yeah, that makes sense if you’re the beloved North Carolina cult-band, SCOTS.

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From their recent release:

Southern Culture on the Skids has re-recorded every SCOTS original song from 1994’s Ditch Digging and releases Dig This on October 29, 2013 through the band’s own Kudzu Records. Listen & share “Lordy Lordy” and find out why you dug SCOTS in the first place.

Singer/guitarist, Rick Miller recalls the inspiration, “We have a drainage ditch that runs by the Kudzu Ranch that had been left unattended for so long it was not doing its job. I decided to dig a new ditch or at least upgrade the old ditch. I was dragging tree limbs, shoveling the muck, looking for turtles and watching for snakes and humming the riff to “Ditch Digging.” That is when it dawned on me that it had been almost 20 years since we recorded the album of the same name, and all those songs could use an upgrade to 2013 specs just like this ditch I am sweating over right now, but instead of a shovel – I’d use a guitar. Easier on the back!”

Included in all packages, LP, CD and Digital is a free download of karaoke instrumental tracks and lyric sheet. Bassist/vocalist, Mary Huff loves the Karaoke — Marioke as the band calls it — so much that at her request they will be having a karaoke contest. More details will be forthcoming!

The Chapel Hill, NC trio Southern Culture On The Skids has been spreading the rock and roll gospel since 1983. Rick Miller – guitar/vox, Mary Huff – bass/vox and Dave Hartman – drums, play a greasy mix of surf, rockabilly, R&B and country fried garage with a side of psych. It’s a musical gumbo Miller calls, “Americana from the wrong side of the tracks.” For over 30 years, the band have toured everywhere from the NC Prison System to Mt. Fuji, Japan, delivering what Rolling Stone calls “a hell raising rock and roll party.” Other recent releases include 2010’s The Kudzu Ranch and 2011’s Zombified.

On October 1, 2013 Yep Roc released Mondo Zombie Boogaloo, an album and tour celebrating Halloween. The album is a collection of new music from Southern Culture on the Skids plus The Fleshtones and Los Straitjackets. The set includes originals and standards from each band and promises to put listeners in a spooky mood for the Halloween season. SCOTS contributes four original songs: “The Loneliest Ghost In Town,” “Tingler Blues,” “La Marcha De Los Cabarones,” “Demon Death” plus a spellbinding cover of Ronnie Cook’s “Goo Goo Muck.” Mondo Zombie Boogaloo is sure to revive both the living and dead this Halloween.

Southern Culture on the Skids is already prepping for a busy Spring 2014. Yep Roc will release a SCOTS/Fred Schneider collaboration called “Party At My Trouse” B/W “Hey Mary.” The songs were recorded at The Kudzu Ranch and feature a couple unforgettable Mary and Fred duets. Available on 12″ and 7” vinyl, the release will be available for Record Store Day 2014. The Southern Folklife Collection at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will also feature the band’s history and musical contribution through an exhibition of photos, music and artifacts.

#1243 Steep Canyon Rangers

UPDATE:  Nobody Knows You by Steep Canyon Rangers was just nominated for a Grammy Award! Congratulations!

Steep Canyon Rangers forged their way in the traditional music scene from their home state of North Carolina through regular forays into the Rockies and back at their base in the Western North Carolina mountains, putting in over 20,000 hours of hard work along the way.  (Even Bob Lefsetz might approve of their drive.)  Over the years, they have made their own mark within the tight-knit scene, but it was not until they were selected to be Steve Martin’s backing band that their name-recognition expanded beyond Americana, bluegrass, and old time fans.  Add in a whirlwind few years of selected shows in Martin’s support and some hefty awards and honors, and the stringband from Carolina was suddenly time-warped from headliner to sell-out headliner.

Along the way, Steep Canyon Rangers took Martin’s advice and emphasized their strengths.  His encouragement and seeing their ability to “hold their own” in such esteemed company yielded their most clearly defined album.   Highlighting the “Steep Canyon Rangers’ sound” allows them to stand out in a bluegrass or traditional music festival, but also to captivate an audience when sharing the stage with other genres; in fact, that contrast of sounds often produces a better show for both bands.  As a thank you gift for supporting his performances, Martin facilitated a graphic design partnership for Steep Canyon Rangers’ record, Nobody Knows You, for which they just won an International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award for packaging design.

Despite their international recognition and recent success, Steep Canyon Rangers continue to support their region of North Carolina. Their festival, Mountain Song, held in Brevard, NC, has raised over $300,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.  The band is taking their knowledge of hosting a great traditional and acoustic music event to another stage this winter, launching the inaugural Mountain Song at Sea cruise (NOTE:  not for the benefit of the charity) in February 2013.  With much the same line-up as their festivals on land, this themed cruise should be quite fun.  (NOTE:  Country Fried Rock is in no way affiliated with the cruise, the band, nor the promotion company behind the cruise.  We receive no advertising, sponsorship, or trade from any of these entities.)

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