corey hannah

Pegasus Records

A short film about Pegasus Records in Florence, Alabama (Muscle Shoals area). Pegasus Records is an independent record store that is in its 30th year of business. They carry new and used CDs, LPs, & DVDs. Pegasus stocks all types of music from rock to rap, classical to jazz, blues to country. They specialize in finding out-of-print and hard to find music & movies and focus on emerging music from The Shoals.

Pegasus Records
A Film by MadeInTheShoals
Lead – Brady Gomillion
Brandon Loper – Director
Wes Wages – Assistant Director
Wade Woods – A Camera
Daniel Beard – B Camera
Corey Hannah – 1st AC A
Trae Green – 1st AC B
Alex Wittscheck – Audio
Seth Turner – Gaffer
Justin Argo – Grip
Kennedy Pope – Grip
Tate Hipps – Edit
Tera Wages – Photo
Justin Hall – Web
Bradley Dean – Graphics
Gnarly Charlies – Help Myself
Gnarly Charlies – Fever
Doc Dailey – She Has Her Moments

Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes & Single Lock Records #1331

Ben Tanner might not be a readily recognizable name, but he is the “honorary member” or recording partner of nearly every band from Alabama that we have featured on Country Fried Rock: The Pollies, Belle Adair (coming soon), Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil, St. Paul & the Broken Bones (coming soon), and TheBear, John Paul White (of The Civil Wars), Alabama Shakes, Dylan LeBlanc, Jason Isbell, the Live From The Shoals series, and even Country Fried Rock Vol. 2 For Nuci’s Space — Preventing Musician Suicide. Together with John Paul White and Will Trapp, Tanner formed Single Lock Records recently, launching with three Alabama bands: TheBear (whose songs from Overseas Then Under we have featured on this radio show), Belle Adair , and St. Paul & The Broken Bones (also the current band of Browan Lollar, who we featured here after he left Jason Isbell’s band, the 400 Unit). It’s a small world in Southern indie music.

Tanner and Corey Hannah have an incredible video series called “Live From The Shoals,” too.  Tanner was not on the original recordings by Alabama Shakes, but he frequently sat in live with his friends, and when their popularity expanded exponentially, they wanted to replicate the keys on their recordings in their dynamic live shows, and Tanner came along for the ride, eventually touring relentlessly with the band and becoming an official member.  In their short breaks between tours, Tanner still records the music he loves from his friends’ bands, and supports the music they are making through Single Lock Records.  By his own admission, Tanner does not sleep much, and is a bit of a workaholic.  What really makes Tanner special, though, is his commitment to great music coming from his home region and using his own success to bring their albums to a broader audience.  He’s one of the good guys.

Liner Notes
Ben Tanner is involved in a lot of music projects. These are just a few he is directly and indirectly connected with, for this week’s playlist.