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David Mayfield #1417

David Mayfield grew up in a bus touring with his parents’ bluegrass gospel band, feeling the pressure of supporting the family’s livelihood as a child. Writing and performing define him, and he cannot see himself doing anything else. After two successful independent albums, Mayfield has just announced signing to the Compass Records label this week, with a new album in store for early fall.

In our conversation, Mayfield talks about the current and new albums and how they differ, confirms a Cadillac Sky reunion of sorts, and other tasty tidbits of his friends in music.

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The Whiskey Gentry #1337

The Whiskey Gentry‘s second album, Holly Grove, sets the stage for this Atlanta band to break out of their Georgia confines and become a nationally known roots music band.  Lauren Staley’s lyrics and vocals are backed by a tight band of stellar players.  Their second album is the first that wholly originated during the lifespan of the band, and John Keane again coaxed the best from their talents, while changing up their recording methods from song to song, partially because of its piecemeal recording process over five months, and partially because the core of the band, husband and wife, Jason Morrow and Lauren Staley, were inspired by the Sound City documentary, and wanted to record some songs fully live.  Following up on a year of success, including their first European tour, The Whiskey Gentry will be touring much more in the coming year across the US.  Their high-energy live show should be on your must-see list.

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