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Science! on TV

Earlier this fall, we featured a Seattle-based band called Science! (The exclamation point is part of their name.) Recently, they were on KING TV5 and will be on the Marty Reimer show on 22 November 2013. They also have a big show planned for 8 January 2014 at Nectar.

Here’s their current bio & catch their recent podcast with us.

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ABOUT THE BAND: Science! is an award winning acoustic duo comprised of Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny. Their recent studio debut EP includes Blind Melon’s Glen Graham on drums and their music has been featured in Fall 2012 on PBS television’s Roadtrip Nation. Moreover, they were awarded the Weekly Volcano’s 2013 Best New Record, 2012 Best New Band (Olympia, WA) award and are what Quyen Shanahan (of WXPN, Philadelphia) is calling “Riveting acoustic music…a perfectly simple, universal and truthful roots band.” They are featured in the January issue of High Times Magazine as the “Unsigned Band of The Month”. Their witty and fun new tune about Seattle (“Seattle Song”) has become the new anthem on Jet City Stream with Marco Collins and Shawn Stewart and was recently named one of their “Best New Tracks of The Week”. It has also been featured on KING 5 TV- Seattle’s Evening Magazine and The Bob Rivers Show – (95.7 KJR FM Seattle).

Science #1333

Justin Stang of the Seattle band, Science!, is wrapping up his first months-long national tour with his duo. Despite their fandom for Back to the Future movies, their name had to come from other 1980s pop-culture references, since every obscure name possible from the BttF franchise was taken. Their music, though, references more jazz and jam than electronic enhancement, but their lyrics are fresh and funny. Just listen to “Seattle Song” without giggling.

Liner Notes

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