Mic Harrison & The High Score #1511

Mic Harrison & The High Score started as the merging of a backing band for Harrison’s solo work, but has become a band in itself over the years. After John Paul Keith moved on from regionally beloved band, The V-Roys, to pursue his solo career, Harrison stepped in and joined the band for their run of albums on Steve Earle’s former label and cemented themselves in Southeastern roots rock clubs. (Former V-Roys member Scott Miller is also an alumnus of Country Fried Rock.) Mic Harrison and the High Score have hit a balance, reasonable day jobs to support their families, with high-intensity shows and openers across the region on weekends. Such is the reality for many musicians, saving enough money to either tour or record an album, but always making new music to feed their souls.

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The Wild Feathers #1422

I finally caught up a show from The Wild Feathers following my conversation with Joel King. Rhythm N Blooms in Knoxville hosted the guys and tons of other fantastic bands for a three-day festival spanning downtown and the botanical garden. The guys are still on the road, moving east from Colorado through Texas toward Louisville, Nashville and Atlanta before they head overseas to Spain then back again to the West. If you can keep up, catch one of their shows!

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Scott Miller #1421

Scott Miller is miles away from his days with the V-Roys, but Knoxville still claims him as their own, even if he has since returned to rural Virginia to farm. Raising cattle requires his presence, limits his touring, but allows Miller hours and days to think. From talking with Miller, I get a sense that the cows are going to win out over the road, sooner rather than later, making his performances more precious to fans than they may realize. His most recent album, Big, Big World, unites Miller’s lyrics with Doug Lancio’s guitar thoughts, for a cohesive, but not yet thematic, album. Both recorded multiple instruments on the record, with just a few friends stopping by to add to the sounds. Miller is already writing for whatever his next album may be, in his assessment moving even closer to a “vibey” complete thought.

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Thanks to Rhythm N Blooms in Knoxville, TN, for connecting us with Scott Miller.

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The Dirty Guv’nahs #1409

The Dirty Guv’nahs put on a rock & roll show you will not forget, but they have struggled to capture that energy in their studio albums. After a live EP, the band took the recording process into their own hands, renting a house and turning into their own recording studio, taking months to write, record, road test, refine, and re-record, leading to their new record, Hearts On Fire. In the last several years, The Dirty Guv’nahs have built regional success that allowed them to quit their dayjobs and go all-in with music. James Trimble reflects on how the sextet knew they were ready for that step, and the team member that really made that possible.

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