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Tea Leaf Green

Our 2013 alumni, Tea Leaf Green, have been “leaking” the tracks from their new album one by one. As Trevor Garrod shared in our conversation, the band has not shied away from making massive changes in their sound or lineup, and this roller coaster keeps the ride interesting.

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to this SoundCloud file that the band themselves made public and sent along to me, requesting specifically that I post this SoundCloud track, because SESAC thinks it violates music use rights. Since SESAC has a lot more money than I do, I cannot afford to contest this with them. It appears to me, a normal, non-attorney, that SESAC is double-dipping, as SoundCloud covers the licensing and the rights holder either enables or disables the embed code, thereby granting or not granting the rights to post the SoundCloud embed file.

Reed Mathis’ newly penned July release, “Nature Made You Music” is produced by Jeremy Black. Special guest drummer Andrew Barr (The Barr Brothers, The Slip) and Dan Lebowitz (ALO) on pedal steel.

Leland Sundries

I’m fairly sure that I met Nick Loss-Eaton of Leland Sundries in an elevator in Nashville a couple years ago–such is the Americana Music Association conference! We ended up carpooling to a video shoot and talking about music. Only later did I learn that he has a band, so we’re happy to share a free track with you all from Leland Sundries brand new EP, Live at the Creamery. Please enjoy “High on the Plains.”

Buy Leland Sundries music here on Amazon or on iTunes.

“Leland Sundries, a band from New York led by Nick Loss-Eaton, is dedicated to storytelling in a way that recalls Woody Guthrie and his Folkways brethren. [Their] scrappy Americana will get you longing for empty two-lane highways and kudzu-encased back porches.” – New York Times

“Not only does Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton write richly detailed, sepia-toned tunes that layer America then and now atop one another like a ghostly palimpsest, he’s just as handy at knocking out Johnny Cash-worthy trifles like ‘Giving Up Redheads.’ His quartet has been spending a lot of quality road time lately, so expect them to be well-marinated for this homecoming gig.” – The Village Voice

Todd Farrell & The Dirty Birds

Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds have a new album out on Halloween!  You can connect with them on Twitter or Facebook, too.


Will Hastings

Check out Will Hastings

Will’s on Facebook and Twitter, too.
Buy his music, My Human Condition EP on Amazon or on iTunes.

Steve Parkinson & The Stony Lonesome

Country Fried Rock has known one of the members of this band for a long time, but only recently heard their album, Kentucky Straight Heartbreak.

Enjoy this free song, “Four Wheels,” to stream or download.
Buy their music here Kentucky Straight Heartbreak on Amazon or Steve Parkinson & the Stony Lonesome on iTunes.


From their bio:
Coming together in November of 2009, these Lonesome boys share a love of honest country music. Based on the carefully crafted songs of Steve Parkinson, the Lonesome boys build arrangements that are reminiscent of old-time honky-tonks and the classic stylings of Parsons, Nelson and The Possum. Their sound is a product of immense thievery; stealing from Nashville, Bakersfield, western swing, folk, and rock and roll. This is clearly a band that only robs from the greats!

The Stony Lonesome has shared the stage with such greats as: New Country Rehab, The Good Family, Ladies of the Canyon, The Dinner Belles, The Magnificent Seven, One Hundred Dollars, and Hawkeyes to name a few.

In May, 2013, Stony Lonesome had the pleasure of recording with the brilliant Andy Magoffin at his House of Miracles in Cambridge, Ontario. A week or two later, the boys emerged with their first true full-band effort. With a mountain of work and whiskey behind them, “Kentucky Straight Heartbreak” is being released by Busted Flat Records on September 20th 2013.

Stony Lonesome is: Steve Parkinson (vocals and guitar), Bryan Wright (electric guitar, vocals,mandolin), Steve Wood (pedal steel,dobro), Scott Fitzpatrick (electric and upright basses, and vocals), and Chris Flannigan (drums).

B. Singer: Cherryfield

B. Singer splits his time between the coastal mountains of Maine and the sweet & gritty city of New Orleans. He was Born in London and came of age in New Orleans. He comes from a family of choir members, piano players, music lovers and hard working people. Described as playing, “all good and salty” and “with swing” B. Singer brings you “Cherryfield.” (from his website)

Buy their music here on Amazon or
Bhere on iTunes.

The Coal Men

Enjoy a track from the upcoming album from The Coal Men, presented by Todd Snider’s Aimless Records, available August 27, 2013.

EXCLUSIVE! Buffalo Gospel

How cool is this: a brand new tune to download from Buffalo Gospel‘s upcoming album, We Can Be Horses? Woohoo! The official album release is set for July 27th.
Buffalo-Gospel_1 Buy Buffalo Gospel’s music HERE on Amazon or HERE on iTunes.

Building on a solid foundation of heartfelt and heartbreaking country & western and Americana arrangements, as well as featuring a stellar cast of local and national musicians, Milwaukee-based band Buffalo Gospel delivers wholly original material that manages to feel utterly timeless. Buffalo Gospel’s music has been praised as “minimalist and masterful,” “musically arresting,” and “Milwaukee’s Best Kept Secret.” Their first EP, Four Letter Words, was written and released in the snow-covered part of 2009 and was soon followed by The Good Land in 2010. The new full-length release We Can Be Horses finds the band energized and pushing boundaries of rock and bluegrass.

Find Buffalo Gospel on Facebook and Twitter.

Will Schwartz

Will Schwartz has a new album soon, New Haircut.

From the press release:

Will Schwartz is a singer and writer from Queens. He writes story songs, drinking songs, and rambling songs that take place in New York, the suburbs and sometimes Vegas and accompanies them with nylon string guitars, sparse drums, pianos, and lap steels. He also sometimes plays in the band Uncles. His debut EP was recorded in various apartments across Queens and Brooklyn throughout 2012 and is set for physical release on Brooklyn-based Monkfish Records in July 2013.

Missy Raines

We cannot stream it, but here is the link for a free download of Missy Raines new music.

From the press release:
(Nashville, TN) June 18, 2013 – Multi-award-winning bass player Missy Raines has long been one of bluegrass music’s most beloved musicians, but on New Frontier, set for release on August 27th, she explores the next step in her musical vision, redefining herself as a charismatic lead vocalist on a set of songs penned by Pierce Pettis, Sarah Siskind, Ed Snodderly, Zach Bevill (a Country Fried Rock alum with Farewell Drifters) and Raines herself (also a Country Fried Rock alum).

Drawing inspiration from indie rock and acoustic jazz as well as Americana and newgrass, Raines shapes a distinctive sonic landscape around the cool grooves of The New Hip (guitarist/co-producer Ethan Ballinger, mandolinist Jarrod Walker, drummer Josh Fox and Raines’ distinctive upright bass), joined by special guests including Sam Bush, The Farewell Drifters’ Zach Bevill and former New Hip percussionist Robert Crawford.

But the real standout here is Raines’ emotive alto—It’s an unexpected pleasure; smooth in delivery and surprising in context, it is also the defining element of New Frontier. Missy Raines is offering a free download of the title track “New Frontier,” inviting listeners to experience her new sonic vision first hand.

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Mod Mobilian Records and This Is American Music are proud to announce the public release of Hurray for the Riff Raff’s album “My Dearest Darkest Neighbor” on July 1st, 2013.

“These are songs I’ve gathered over the years. I’ve taken them with me wherever I go. For a musician who lives most of her life on the road, the songs you know and love are one of your only consistencies. They carry a feeling of home. These songs have been there for me in a dark hour. They’ve guided me down long roads that stretched through time. They have illuminated me on the human spirit, its unbreakable will, its strength and power. The songwriters who’ve penned them have inspired me endlessly. I have studied them because I hope to never cease my education on how to write a good tune. I threw on two songs I’ve written that were building blocks for me. These are my attempts at the folk tradition of writing a song where someone else left off. I try to learn from the greats. These are soul songs, let’s sing them together. “ – Alynda lee Segarra

T. Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate

Preorder Audition Tapes on vinyl, CD, or digitally from http://t.hardymorris.com/merch. 10% of all proceeds from the preorder will be donated to The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation

After Morris was finished writing and recording the songs on Audition Tapes, an album steeped in nostalgia, he became inspired by The Georgia Trust’s annual “Places In Peril” list – which seeks to identify and preserve historic sites threatened by demolition and neglect (Learn More). Morris and filmmaker and photographer Jason Thrasher traveled to 10 historic sites throughout Georgia to film live performance videos of each song found on the Audition Tapes. Over the coming weeks T. Hardy Morris will release additional takeaway videos to draw attention to the Places in Peril list as we approach the July 30th release of his full-length album.

Recorded at Playground Sound studios with Cosmic Thug production team Justin Collins and Adam Landry, the sessions behind Audition Tapes came to be with the help of a variety of Morris’ talented circle of friends who “dropped by” to lend a hand, including Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez, Black Lips/Diamond Rugs guitarist Ian Saint Pe, steel guitarist Matt “Pistol” Stossel, keyboardist Thayer Serrano, and drummer Julian Dorio (The Whigs).”