Leftover Salmon

#1246 Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Holy Ghost Tent Revival took their lowest point in the last five years and used it as a reason to find a new sound and revive their music. It’s not any easier to pigeonhole their work than it was before the departure of their bass player and harmony vocalist, but their music is definitely easier to dance to now than it was before. Despite having almost nothing in common with bluegrass music, they are often lumped in there with old time bands–great for a festival lineup, but inaccurate in categorization. Think of the Avett Brothers with a horn section, and you are much closer to the sound of Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

HGTR built their fanbase over their first five years with regular regional dates, playing nearly 200 nights a year and expanded with some key festivals, like Shakori Hills.  Following their band’s membership shuffle, though, they felt like they were starting over.  Defeated and unsure of their future as a band, their confidence expanded when they joined Langhorne Slim for a key set of dates, boosting them enough to commit to recording their latest album, Sweat Like the Old Days, and relocating their groove.

Recording actually gave HGTR new purpose, allowing them to commit to their new sound.  While their presence is still regional, now that they are back on solid footing as a band, they are ready to return to heavy touring and reaching better audiences.  No matter what the venue, though, bring your dancing shoes to a Holy Ghost Tent Revival show.

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Leftover Salmon LIVE from the Georgia Theatre 2012

from their site:
Leftover Salmon LIVE from the Georgia Theatre – Athens, GA on
October 9, 2012

Set I
Zombie Jamboree
Gold Hill Line
Tu Nas Pas Aller
Gulf of Mexico
Kentucky Skies
The Other Side
Aquatic Hitchhiker
Bayou Town
I Don’t Know You
Down in the Hollow
Keep Drivin

Set II
Lucy in the Sky-Doin my Time
Get Off This*
Teen Angst*
Sing up to the Moon
Highway Song
Morning Sun
Walking Shoes
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Here Comes the Night

E: Up On the Hill Where We Do the Boogie
Jason Carter plays the whole show
*W/ David Lowery