Lingua Musica: Noah Guthrie

Noah Guthrie found his first audiences through YouTube videos. Recently, he played for our live music partners, Lingua Musica, in Arden, NC (near Asheville). The next public event for Lingua Music is Aaron Burdett on 28 February 2014 — tickets available now.

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From Guthrie’s bio:
Coming off an 80+ city college tour, bluesy-pop singer/songwriter, Noah Guthrie, is ready to take the U.S. by storm in 2014 to promote his debut album, Among the Wildest Things. Often known for his unique covers on youtube, Noah is excited to give fans a taste of his own music.

Described as having a Pop/Americana sound blended with soul, this nineteen-year old Southerner co-wrote the majority of his thirteen originals, along with his first single, Call Home. He may have been called the male version of Adele or a mix of John Legend and Dave Matthews in the past, but as his social media username shows, there is Only 1 Noah.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Noah grew up in a home filled with music. Always singing around the house, Noah credits his dad for teaching him to learn his true voice and hone his gift. When he was fourteen, Noah received his first guitar and started writing songs. As a practiced musician on the bass, guitar, and trumpet by the time he was 13, everyone around him knew early on that he had an innate gift, and after his first performance in front of people at age 13, he was already dubbed an ‘old soul’ and true talent. One of his earlier written songs (at 16,) even made the album.

Noah has been steadily building a name for himself in the music business through his live performances and cover videos and currently has over 50 million views on youtube. In May of 2012, Noah experienced the explosion that comes from a viral video when his ultra unique and blues-filled version of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” ( earned him more than 8 million views in less than a week (now at over 20 million views.) As a result of the internet-mania, Noah was featured on NBC’s Today Show, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Dancing With The Stars, and several U.S. and European Radio Stations, and covers of his version have been featured on the US version of The Voice and The X Factor.

Throughout his young career, Noah has opened for a variety of artists as his powerful soulful voice and beautifully written songs appeal to a wide range of audiences. He has led off concerts for Ed Sheeran, Neon Trees, Ben Rector, Cobra Starship, Matisyahu, and Selena Gomez, but it was his performance opening up for Matt Nathanson at Sonoma State University that Noah marks as the most thrilling to date. While Noah’s live performances may be his favorite aspect of being a musician, over the course of the last year, while working on his first album, Noah has grown immensely as an artist. He worked in the studio with Matt Wertz, Gabe Dixon, Josiah Rosen (Augustana), Mher Filian (Selena Gomez), Isaac Hasson (Demi Lovato, Kris Allen, Hot Chelle Rae,) Amy Stroup, Ben Rector amongst others, and continues to collaborate, while simultaneously posting youtube covers.

As a huge fan of Bono and U2, Noah would love to follow in the footsteps of the Rock & Roll icon and find ways to give back through his music. He has previously performed in two Unicef benefit concerts and would love to continue to work with the organization, as well as contribute to the ONE campaign.

Allen Thompson

Woohoo! Country Fried Rock alums, Allen Thompson and Lucero, are playing a show in Nashville on 16 February at Exit/In!

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Alex Chilton

I learned about Alex Chilton from The Replacements. My parents listened to The Boxtops, but Big Star was not on my radar until I had to figure out the lyric from the song, “I never travel far/without a little Big Star.” I realized that I recognized some of the songs, but I had a lot to learn. Thankfully, I followed that thread and checked it all out.

I never saw Chilton play live in any format, so this impromptu recording that recently surfaced is pretty incredible, especially given the circumstances of its existence.

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From the album notes:

Electricity by Candlelight is a live recording of Alex Chilton released this Fall by venerable indie label Bar/None. On the night of February 13th1997, Alex Chilton and hisband were getting ready to play their second set of the night at the Knitting Factory in New York City when the lights went out. What happened was this album, a spontaneous off the cuff performance by Alex on a borrowed acoustic guitar with his drummer Richard Dworkin sitting in for half the set. It’s Alex Chilton thinking on his feet, totally in the moment, bouncing songs and ideas off the folks that stuck around for a real, one-of-a-kind exchange.

Waylon Jennings “Jesus By Surprise”

I have a friend who was Waylon Jennings sound man for a long time.

He wanted me to share this tune with you all.


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Beau Hinze & The Backporch Shufflers

We are happy to share the new live album from Beau Hinze & The Backporch Shufflers, recorded on a steamy night in Houston, Texas, and originally aired in Louisiana and Texas on the TV show, Texas Roadhouse Live.


Dex Romweber Duo

New Year’s Eve 2011
The Earl Smith Strand Theatre, Marietta, GA

from Bloodshot Records official photos

Dex Romweber Duo were the 2nd openers for the Gem City Hall of Fame inaugural event, the 30th reunion of Guadalcanal Diary. While I’ve played songs from the two most recent DRD records, Is That You in the Blue? and Ruins of Berlin, I have not seen Dex live since Flat Duo Jets days. I’ve heard stories from friends who have played with or opened for him over the last few years, so I had no idea what to expect.

The biggest surprise for me was Sara Romweber, who I haven’t seen live since Let’s Active . That woman can play the drums. She was amazing. I like songs with driving or memorable drum beats, but I’m not an aficionado like Neil Peart fans or anything. I want a bass line or beat that makes me move, but I’ve never paid much attention to the skills of the drummer–until I saw Sara play. I think I might have to call this my first “purely professional girl crush.”

Sara’s awesome, and not just because it was an 80’s indie jangle pop-fueled night. Dex is a wildcard, stopping mid-song to tune his guitar, ending a song in the middle of a repeated chorus, facing the amp for entire songs…but Sara stays right with him. From my basic knowledge of recording music, usually the drums keep the rhythm and the music fills in accordingly, but I don’t think that would work for Dex. Instead, he drives the timing, and Sara keeps up with him. The music might be more “perfect” if it worked in the traditional method, but only those who really paid attention even noticed that she changed her timing to keep up with him–flawlessly.

I’d like to catch Dex Romweber Duo when they are the headliners and see and hear what they’d do with a full set or even a couple of sets. I heard that they rocked the house a couple nights before in Athens, GA. I always thought that I wanted to chat with Dex some time, but now I know that Sara is the one I really want to interview.

(Totally my opinion of the night. Take it or leave it for what it is, but let me know what your thoughts are if you’ve seen DRD lately or “back in the day.”)

Here’s the review of the same performance from the Atlanta Music Examiner.

Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival

Near Greer, SC

I don’t know Glynn Zeigler, AKA Ziggy, but I want to.  He puts on an amazing music event in his own (lovely) backyard in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Gentle foothills, tall trees, perfectly customized old buses, tree swings, toy horse parade, hula hoop stash, grounded houseboat…and that’s just where the children played!  Zeigler’s humor and pleasure shine through both the venue and the music.  I loved the little touches of the mercantile, the coffee stand near the “green room,” that backside of the “barn” for the stage, the false silo, the disco ball hanging from a tree, tractor tire wheel hubs for fire pits, and the fantastic outdoor loo wallpapered with show posters, many signed by cult heroes like Tim O’Brien, Sam Bush, & Elizabeth Cook.

We were not able to attend Friday’s festivities, or “Festavull!!!” as Ziggy encourages the crowd to holler, but Saturday alone was worth the 3 hour drive.  We missed Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, Donna Ulisse, Narrow Gauge Bluegrass Band, Audrey Auld, the Bent Strings, the Red Hot Poker Dots, Sol Driven Train, O Mello Cello Tree.  We arrived mid-afternoon Saturday, missing the first few acts, but due to a minor communication error, our favorite (since Americana 2010) band, 18 South, was just loading in for their first set.  With six members, sound check can take a few minutes–thankfully!  We set up our backpack-chairs under the trees, not too close to the fire pits, about 25 yards from the stage.  I jokingly commented that I’d never seen so many tie-dyed shirts at a bluegrass festival before.

The people respectfully listened, attentive and polite, early in the day, but as the weather cooled and the stage heated up, adults joined the children dancing beside the stage, some couples two-stepped and shagged, or just improvised the pretzel, or moved with the music in the makeshift aisles or in their seats.  Many others have reviewed Skunkfest itself, with beautiful detail, but I cannot omit my own response to the perfect music festival before jumping into the performances themselves!

I caught 18 South for the first time at Americana 2010, at a fantastic showcase night at the Station Inn.  Mike Bub leads this collection of talented musicians, who got together in between other gigs as leads and supporters for others within Nashville’s country music scene.  We hope to chat with Mike soon for a full Country Fried Rock interview.  18 South brought us to Albino Skunk Fest, but the other bands kept us there–thrilled.  Their second set later in the evening brought out the soulful depth of Jessie’s voice, and their tribute to Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon” honored both the song as well as that band’s recent loss.  At Americana, Jimmy Wallace played his tribute to the Peanuts cartoon character, Linus, and one to Franklin on this night.  I like this vibrant homage so much that I bought the CD on the spot and listened to it all the way home on Sunday!

Elizabeth Cook’s second set showed a more relaxed side to the veteran performer, especially when her daddy–a former moonshiner who did time in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, father to 11 children, patriarch of their vaudeville-style country touring musical family–Tom Cook, charmed the audience by telling a joke and singing.  Later, Tim Carroll  played a couple of tunes, and Elizabeth donned white clogging shoes and danced for one of them. In case you’ve never caught her radio show, her twang is real.  I think Reese Witherspoon copied Cook’s delivery of,”Thank you very much,” following each song for the Walk the Line film.

The closest to traditional bluegrass of the evening was Athens, Georgia’s Packway Handle Band.  Their encore amid the audience, standing under the trees, surrounded by clapping attendees, and final gospel number by camera-light made their “extended play” set worth the wait (see earlier mention of a communication error in scheduling).  Rather than rush the guys through their backstage pork chops, we decided to reschedule and are looking forward to our full conversation with Josh in an upcoming post.  Frankly, I was surprised they came over from Athens on UGA’s homecoming weekend, but they had plenty of time to get back to *that* music mecca for a late night show.

Disclaimer & apology:  during the sets for the Sweetback Sisters and the Steel Wheels, the CFR team was chasing the children we brought with us and trying to get them to stop playing and dancing and singing long enough to drink some water and eat something.  Following 18 South’s 2nd set, the children were worn out & the hotel was calling.  We truly missed the chance to hear everyone, but given that all the children slept on the entire 3 hour drive home after a full night’s sleep, we agree that they must have had a marvelous time!

Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival is sponsored in part by  We highly recommend listening to their station online, especially for their strong features of both Americana & bluegrass music.

My only complaint is that the fabulous people of Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe in nearby Greenville ran out of their delicious grilled corn on the cob, so instead we ate fresh kettle corn as our vegetable with supper.  (Egad!)

The Twitter feed from #skunkfest until my battery died, oldest at the bottom:

CountryFriedRok fm bill monroe to jimmy martin #skunkfest #bluegrass serious pickin
CountryFriedRok forget charlie daniels, this dude can saw a fiddle @packwayhandle #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok i wanna host smth this cool when i grow up #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok @packwayhandle gettin priorities straight #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok takin requests fm other bands @packwayhandle #skunkfest just walk on in
CountryFriedRok upside down mandolin @packwayhandle #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok 4 part harmony kickin @packwayhandle #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok @packwayhandle josh’s voice is so low! got that twang y’all! #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok @packwayhandle fm #athens #ga playing #skunkfest can’t believe they’re missin homecoming

CountryFriedRok electrified disco ball in the tree #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok ppl next to me brought a sofa out here #skunkfest feels like college
CountryFriedRok @packwayhandle fixin to play #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok kettlecorn for supper! #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok smileys acoustic cafe =yum n grt ppl #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok little kids doing karaoke to bear necessities #skunkfest #back40

CountryFriedRok a capella awesome @steelwheels #skunkfest
serious pickin fm @steelwheels #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok steelwheels are great too #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok lightning mcqueen just told me he’s the new cfr mgr #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok steel wheels up next #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok hanging w josh fm @packwayhandle #skunkfest

CountryFriedRok i feel the burden #gospel 18south #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok most tiedye i’ve ever seen at a #bluegrass fest #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok circles billy preston 18south #skunkfest rockin
CountryFriedRok 18 south sittin on top of the world to #freebird lol #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok 18south still my favorite band #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok sittin on top of the world to stairway to heaven and fleetwoodmac 18south #skunkfest

CountryFriedRok #skunkfest very family friendly great vibe awesome location weather perfect 18south
CountryFriedRok mike bub jammin 18south #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok lightning mcqueen already filled a memory card 18south #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok 18south bluesky allmans riff #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok i wanna live here! #skunkfest
CountryFriedRok 18 south at #skunkfest kickin tail n takin names!