James Hunter Six #1607

James Hunter was notably “discovered” by Van Morrison while performing in gritty pubs in England, but the songwriter and singer is more than a protege. The James Hunter Six perform across the world, primarily for blues audiences, although they have been embraced by Americana and rock clubs, as well. Their dynamic shows, fronted by the charismatic British-soul singer, highlight their rhythm and horn sections. The band often works up those parts separately before a whirlwind set of rehearsals when they are recording a new album, such as their latest on Dap Tone Records, Hold On.

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Tall Tales

Through the magic of social media, Tall Tales crossed our radar quite some time after their debut EP of last winter. Enjoy this free track from the band and check in to chat with them online.

From their bio:

Based in East London, Tall Tales are a neo folk rock band formed in early 2012 made up of Guitarist and Lead Singer Oliver Gamblin, Guitarist Dario Rodriguez, Bassist Dave Horner and Drummer Matthias Fuchez.

The band finished work on their first EP, entitled “Tall Tales EP” in February of 2013.

On the back of this first release, with 400 copies being initially produced the band played their very first festival ‘Leefest’ from which they were shortlisted after using their newly recorded material to apply for a number of UK festivals, of which this was their sole success.

Despite being the only festival the band would play all summer, it nevertheless allowed the band to appear on multiple platforms showcasing themselves as part of the unsigned talent that this independent festival had to offer and thus contributed greatly to their slowly increasing expansion in the public eye.

On August 25 2013 Tall Tales signed with Kando Management

“Bombay Bicycle Club LPs and Devendra Banhart resonate here but TTs have a sweet neo folk sway all their own” – The Dublin Castle

“Uptempo smartly written indie folk that trods a similar path to Conor Oberst’s Bright Eyes albums.” – The Gladstone

“…London’s Tall Tales take the popier edge of Bombay Bicycle Club, with nods towards Edward Sharpe and Devendra Banhart. The result is a jouous collection of folk pop songs…” – Bohemocracy

“Tall Tales, whos sincerity is like a warm lo-fi picnic, a sundappled retrospective jangle of tambourines and winks at flamenco. Think Elliot Smith’s melodies sprinkled on Little Joy’s off kilter pop.” – The Workshop, Old Street

Going Underground: Paul McCartney in Documentary

From the press release:
In the mid-1960s the often rigid and colourless British way of life was irrevocably transformed by the emergence of a cultural underground movement. Led by a loose collective of young radicals, they introduced new social, sexual and aesthetic perspectives. Operating out of the heart of London, their various activities, from ‘The International Times’ – a bi-weekly journal that no hipster could be seen without – to the psychedelic nightclub UFO, promoted alternative lifestyles and values, and sparked a social revolution.

This film not only traces the history of this underground scene, but also explores its impact on the pre-eminent British group of the era, The Beatles. Although they were well established by the time the movement emerged, Paul McCartney in particular, was closely linked with several of its key players, and through his exposure to cutting edge concepts brought ideas directly from the avant-garde into the mainstream.

Featuring many new interviews with key players from the time including; IT editor and long term friend of Paul McCartney, Barry Miles; founder of IT and UFO club organiser, John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins; founder of UFO and Pink Floyd producer , Joe Boyd; Soft Machine drummer, Robert Wyatt; drummer from experimental improvisational collective AMM, Eddie Prevost; proprietor of Indica, the counter-cultural gallery, John Dunbar; Underground scenester, vocalist with The Deviants and IT journalist, Mick Farren; plus author of ‘Days in the Life: Voices from the English Underground 1961 – 1971’, Jonathon Greene; Beatles expert, Chris Ingham and Mojo jounalist Mark Paytress.

Also includesrare archive footage, photographs from private collections and music from The Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Soft Machine, AMM and others.

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Bex Marshall #1311

Bex Marshall’s latest album, House of Mercy, reflects both the songs on this record, and the actual name of her home-recording studio-record label-life. She is a noted slide guitar player, who also loves the resonator (dobro) and banjo, and manages to bring in those sounds to a cohesive, roots rock record.  I am always interested when a British musician melds what we think of as American sounds into music that becomes its own, rather than being imitative.  Marshall’s songs and production combine for a rollicking  album, and her reflection on what led to it–heard in this week’s radio program–is worthwhile for anyone seeking a lifetime playing music, or fans who like it real.

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Liner Notes

  • Bex Marshall House of Mercy House of Mercy is not just the title track and album, it’s also the name of the house where Bex and Barry live, their record label and recording studio, radio station and more.  Marshall lives a life of music.
  • I was not able to find a legal mp3 to purchase of Bex’s “Uncle David’s” band, The Marauders’ minor hit, “That’s What I Want.” I also was not able to confirm whether “Uncle David” is known as “Charlie Harper” of the UK Subs or not. If you have more information, please clarify! I think this is a video for the correct band. I did find a song on a garage rock compilation by a band of the same name, but I cannot confirm if it’s the same people or not. It’s a pretty cool tune, though, and a fantastic compilation. Storm in the Garage on Amazon
  • Brigitte de Meyer Rose Of Jericho on Amazon
  • Joan Armatrading Greatest Hits on Amazon One of the best British blues vocalists around. I used to listen to “Drop the Pilot” on WRAS Album 88 all the time.
  • Hayseed Dixie Nicotine and Alcohol on Amazon Hayseed Dixie are not just the beloved bluegrass covers of AC/DC tunes or tributes to hillbilly love, they are also noted players and the sons of Don Reno, of Reno and Smiley.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn live The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble on Amazon doing “Superstition.”  A great example of amazing blues working well with other styles of music.
  • Israel Nash Gripka Barn Doors and Concrete Floors on Amazon