Reed Turchi

Reed Turchi last appeared on Country Fried Rock with his self-titled band, Turchi. His solo release calls in several musician friends, and is even more influenced by his time with Ardent (where he recorded, as well) and Italian bluesman, Adriano Viterbini (who also plays on the album). Speaking in Shadows rocks, but Turchi recently recorded a special pared down version of a song, just for Country Fried Rock listeners. Enjoy “Pass Me Over” below.

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Drew Holcomb #1414

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors have been around the roots music community for a long time, but their continued willingness to change their sound and songwriting as they grow keeps their music fresh and their performances lively.  Despite his wife Ellie leaving full-time touring with The Neighbors to focus on her own songwriting, Holcomb takes this as the opportunity for each of them to grow personally and professionally, and to bring new sounds to their shows, such as a full-time keys player.  Previously featured  Country Fried Rock band, The Dirty Guv’nahs, actually told us about Holcomb’s festival, Moon River Festival in Memphis, 7 June 2014 at Levitt Shell.  Holcomb also shares that the band will record a new album this summer and that this upcoming short run of shows will likely see some of these songs get a little road testing.

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Turchi #1413

Turchi’s new album, Can’t Bury Your Past, comes out this week on Devil Down Records. How Reed Turchi has time to write, record, and tour behind a record is a mystery of space and time. As label director for the recently revived Ardent Music (part of the larger Ardent Studios family), Turchi spends most of his time in support of the label’s artists, like The Greyhounds (Mofro band members’ separate project). For his namesake band, Turchi has a strict “No Rehearsal” policy, that launches their tours with epic four-and-a-half hour shows at their favorite beach-side dive bar — part performance, part practice in front of an audience. The three primary band members live hundreds of miles apart, so snippets of songs fly via email, and coalesce in scratch and run recording sessions. If you like North Mississippi blues and rock, Turchi will fit your playlists, and even if your tastes run elsewhere, this is a surprising conversation.

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