New Orleans

Caleb Caudle #1418

Caleb Caudle left North Carolina for New Orleans, but he spends so much time on the road, that it almost does not matter. When Caudle’s scheduled studio time for Nashville fell through at the last minute, he hit the road with fellow Country Fried Rock alum, John Moreland, for intense reflection and regrouping, while giving his songs a thorough workout. Returning from tour, Caudle regrouped with his friends at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, and backed by Roseland (another good band from the Triangle area). Caudle then hit the road again with a Country Fried Rock alum, Chris Porter (formerly of Back Row Baptists, also of a collaboration with CFR alums, The Pollies, and his duo, Some Dark Holler — Porter also donated a new version of one of his older BRB songs for Vol. 2 For Nuci’s Space, our charity album preventing musician suicide). Both Caudle and Porter were listening to mixes of their new records while on the road, trading the excitement of their new projects. Paint Another Layer On My Heart is available for pre-order from This Is American Music and releases next week. Podcast below the photo.
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B. Singer: Cherryfield

B. Singer splits his time between the coastal mountains of Maine and the sweet & gritty city of New Orleans. He was Born in London and came of age in New Orleans. He comes from a family of choir members, piano players, music lovers and hard working people. Described as playing, “all good and salty” and “with swing” B. Singer brings you “Cherryfield.” (from his website)

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Dash Rip Rock!

Dash Rip Rock are back!

Bill Davis on “Meet Me at the River”:
“We gave ourselves a challenge to write an anthemic Southern rocker like “Mississippi Queen” or “Up Around the Bend.” This song went through several versions. It was mostly inspired by the 70s Louisiana band Potliquor who sang about the bayou and played fist-pumping classic rock. This is our tribute to all the great Louisiana rock and roll that came before us. The line “call Landry on his houseboat” is a nod to Kirk Landry from the Dick Nixons who passed away a few years ago.

This song was originally recorded at a faster speed. Ben Mumphrey slowed the whole track down for the album and this gave it a much more solid groove. But for the video, we went back to that first mix for fun.

I used to go listen to bands at Fred’s on the Amite River in Port Vincent with my dad. “Meet Me at the River” reminds me of that time. I also like to drive my boat fast and this is the perfect song for that.“

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The Ponderosa Stomp

This is a cool promo video in support of a concert and foundation, The Ponderosa Stomp. I found this through the music of The Standells and Swamp Dogg, who we have highlighted in the past.

From their press release:
The music fanatics of the Stomp bulldoze the slick detritus of contemporary music to find the rawest, deepest stuff out there, simmering under the surface, waiting to be rediscovered before it’s too late. They are still out there among us, and the Stomp exists to celebrate these architects of American music. Go Behind the Curtain of the full 2013 Ponderosa Stomp Festival line-up and see the dizzying array of artists, from girl singers to rock n’ roll to soul, garage and swamp shouters, performing in October.

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Mod Mobilian Records and This Is American Music are proud to announce the public release of Hurray for the Riff Raff’s album “My Dearest Darkest Neighbor” on July 1st, 2013.

“These are songs I’ve gathered over the years. I’ve taken them with me wherever I go. For a musician who lives most of her life on the road, the songs you know and love are one of your only consistencies. They carry a feeling of home. These songs have been there for me in a dark hour. They’ve guided me down long roads that stretched through time. They have illuminated me on the human spirit, its unbreakable will, its strength and power. The songwriters who’ve penned them have inspired me endlessly. I have studied them because I hope to never cease my education on how to write a good tune. I threw on two songs I’ve written that were building blocks for me. These are my attempts at the folk tradition of writing a song where someone else left off. I try to learn from the greats. These are soul songs, let’s sing them together. “ – Alynda lee Segarra

Andrew Duhon: Leaked Track

Check out Andrew Duhon from New Orleans.

Good stuff. Grab it HERE or .

Sam Doores #1309

Sam Doores collaborates in recording and performing, making creative and practical decisions that allow his songs to reach as many audiences as possible. Whether Doores is playing solo, with his band, in a duo setting with a stompbox, or as part of Hurray for the Riff Raff, the versatile musician and songwriter is adding more to his professional toolbox. Doores’ influences range from Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, to knowledge by necessity with a weekly four-hour gig just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans–fusing the music of Allen Toussaint, old R&B, swamp pop, and traditional country with Irish barroom tunes. Such a diverse setlist allowed him to develop his own skills and sounds as he crafted and improved his own songwriting.

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