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The Paisley Fields “Brooklyn Rodeo”

The Paisley Fields are a Brooklyn country band, playing dance-able light honky-tonk songs with sweet lyrics and unexpected social commentary on urban life. James Wilson’s themes stay modern, while wrapping them in a fun, slightly retro sound. The Paisley Fields latest release, Oh These Urban Fences, is available now.

Hollis Brown #1512

Hollis Brown rocked CMJ & SXSW so hard that they ended up on this summer’s tour with Counting Crows and Citizen Cope. The NYC band, fronted by songwriter, Mike Montali, tours extensively in the US and Europe, building audiences who yearn for their new albums, including their brand new one, 3 Shots, out 5/5/15 on Jullian Records.

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Bones of JR Jones #1510

The Bones of JR Jones is mostly a one-man band, although JR sometimes plays with a variety of setups. His recent album, Dark Was The Yearling, was made possible by a happen-chance meeting at an empty gig. The Bones of JR Jones is getting ready to tour the South and MidWest through the spring, so catch a show when he’s in your town.

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The Mastersons #1427

The Mastersons’ second album, Good Luck Charm, shares Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson’s depth of connection both personally and after hundreds of shows together. Whether playing as a duo or band, they communicate musically in a way that brings the audience in, never crossing over into uncomfortable intimacy or leaving out the listener. Whitmore and Masterson are each stellar multi-instrument players, with years of backing incredible songwriters and bands, including their on-going gig as part of Steve Earle’s touring band. Combining their gifts, though, at first was more give and take, as on Birds Fly South (their debut together). Good Luck Charm demonstrates their comfortable interplay and loops in some of their friends for co-writes, including Country Fried Rock alumni Aaron Lee Tasjan and Steve Poltz, and many other notable pals of theirs.

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Karen & The Sorrows

Karen and the Sorrows play traditional country music straight out of New York City. Their songwriting is personal and often dark, with widespread appeal. Her vocals balance between high lonesome and honky tonk, with top-notch playing. The band regularly plays across New York, but has not ventured out of the region much; I am kicking myself for missing their Southern run early this summer through Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina (–SS).

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The Infamous Stringdusters #1420

The Infamous Stringdusters tour so much that they even have their own festival, The Festy, with a fabulous lineup including our alumni, New Country Rehab. Chris Pandolfi and Andy Hall are so in sync that they alternate answering questions and finish each others’ sentences. For their fifth album, Let It Go, the Stringdusters opted to produce the album themselves, using their own instrumentation and vocals, but this time around, they road-tested the songs before recording. I likened their sound to a bluegrass band inside a giant rubber band, stretching in every direction, but staying within bounds and not wandering off too far into jamband territory.

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Kate Vargas

Kate Vargas‘s new album comes out today, 20 February 2014. Catch her album release show in NYC tonight on Stage 2 at Rockwood Music Hall at 7pm. Down To My Soul shares her New Mexico roots and New York style, making a record that includes Southwestern folk lore. Vargas’s debut paves the way for her smart songwriting.

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Runaway Dorothy

Another of our first season featured bands, Runaway Dorothy, have continued to make fun music. They’ve put up a sampler of free tunes here on Noisetrade that you should check out.

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The Devil Makes 3 #1401

The Devil Makes Three‘s fourth record, I’m A Stranger Here, brings on board some serious heavyweights for the band’s New West Records debut.  Produced with Buddy Miller and recorded at Dan Auerbach‘s new studio in Nashville, the California trio brings together their Vermont unvarnished origins and California ease.  Pete Bernhard tells about the band’s path to where they are now, muddling road-weariness with appreciation and satisfaction for where they are now.  Recording in Nashville allowed them to bring in exemplary sparkle to their existing shine, like Casey Dreissen on fiddle, Buddy Miller on guitar, and the Preservation Hall Horns, while maintaining their identity.

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The Defibulators #1340

Nope, that’s not a misspelling! The Defibulators appreciate the aural pleasures, not just in their music, but in their name and album titles, as well. Debt’ll Get ‘Em is as fun to say as it is to hear. Bug Jennings and his cast of merry players bring together solid instrumentation with intelligent lyrics and have enough fun to brighten a drive on the New Jersey Turnpike on a holiday weekend. (Okay, maybe that’s just my personal experience over Thanksgiving…) The Defibulators hang out with a cast of our alumni, including recent features The Whiskey Gentry and upcoming features, Have Gun, Will Travel. Catch them on the road and grab their sophomore album HERE on Amazon or The Defibulators HERE on iTunes.

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Stone River Boys
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Leland Sundries

I’m fairly sure that I met Nick Loss-Eaton of Leland Sundries in an elevator in Nashville a couple years ago–such is the Americana Music Association conference! We ended up carpooling to a video shoot and talking about music. Only later did I learn that he has a band, so we’re happy to share a free track with you all from Leland Sundries brand new EP, Live at the Creamery. Please enjoy “High on the Plains.”

Buy Leland Sundries music here on Amazon or on iTunes.

“Leland Sundries, a band from New York led by Nick Loss-Eaton, is dedicated to storytelling in a way that recalls Woody Guthrie and his Folkways brethren. [Their] scrappy Americana will get you longing for empty two-lane highways and kudzu-encased back porches.” – New York Times

“Not only does Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton write richly detailed, sepia-toned tunes that layer America then and now atop one another like a ghostly palimpsest, he’s just as handy at knocking out Johnny Cash-worthy trifles like ‘Giving Up Redheads.’ His quartet has been spending a lot of quality road time lately, so expect them to be well-marinated for this homecoming gig.” – The Village Voice

Maynard & The Musties

I love when my music friends recommend a band, and that’s how I found Maynard & The Musties. Check out my friend Popa 2unes for lots of cool underground music from NJ and NY.

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