Fantastic Negrito “Working Poor”

Long time followers of Country Fried Rock podcasts and social media know that I drive a lot (about 60,000 miles per year) and run a little to stay active. The music I enjoy expands beyond typical “country fried rock,” and Fantastic Negrito plays some blues that I dig. –Sloane Spencer

Grab Fantastic Negrito‘s new music here on Amazon or iTunes. The album, The Last Days of Oakland, will be out 3 June 2016.

Sam Doores #1309

Sam Doores collaborates in recording and performing, making creative and practical decisions that allow his songs to reach as many audiences as possible. Whether Doores is playing solo, with his band, in a duo setting with a stompbox, or as part of Hurray for the Riff Raff, the versatile musician and songwriter is adding more to his professional toolbox. Doores’ influences range from Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, to knowledge by necessity with a weekly four-hour gig just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans–fusing the music of Allen Toussaint, old R&B, swamp pop, and traditional country with Irish barroom tunes. Such a diverse setlist allowed him to develop his own skills and sounds as he crafted and improved his own songwriting.

Liner Notes