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Best Of 2014

Country Fried Rock’s listeners vote with their visits for our “Best of” lists. Combining podcast downloads with website traffic and run through a factor of the time since the program’s debut, the magic math machine yields our Top 13 of 2014!

13. Dex Romweber Duo
12. Corb Lund
11. Devil Makes 3
10. Dom Flemons
9. Amy Ray
8. John Howie, Jr. NOTE: The song posted here is from a prior record because Everything Except Goodbye was not on Rdio.
7. Jacob Furr
6. Parker Millsap
5. Caleb Caudle
4. Scott Miller
3. John Moreland
2. Fire Mountain
1. St. Paul & The Broken Bones

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Top 5 Emerging Oklahoma Songwriters

Oklahoma is rich with material for folk music. It’s where hardheaded pioneers met hardscrabble conditions; where tradition and progress converge and conflict; where tornadoes sweep across the plains; and where the dusty open road beckons from all directions. Songs from the state continue to seep into the psyche of the American songwriter, and often-covered pieces like Roger Miller’s “King of the Road,” Henson Cargill’s “Skip a Rope,” J.J. Cale’s “Call Me The Breeze,” and Cale’s high school band mate, Leon Russell’s “Queen of the Roller Derby” have influenced even the most diverse writers. (Read the Top 5 List here.)


Parker Millsap #1405

Parker Millsap might dress like a wayward Boy Scout in pressed khakis and tucked in undershirt with slicked back hair, but don’t let his looks deceive you — he’s a full-fledged entertainer inspired by the best of gospel and blues. Millsap’s self-titled album, out now on Okrahoma Records, brings singalong and dance-able music to songwriting of one who is moving on from his past but not rejecting it, more true-life than most with his Pentecostal youth. Touring as a trio, Millsap and his band bring all the energy and passion of the record to the stage, despite changes in instrumentation, which you probably won’t even notice, as they fill the room with music and emotion.

Radio Show
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Liner Notes
Parker Millsap
John Fullbright
John Moreland
Turnpike Troubadours
Shovels & Rope
The Temptations
Pentecostal choir
Old Crow Medicine Show