queer country

Paisley Fields #1905

Paisley Fields honed their traditional country tunes in the queer country community they created in Brooklyn. Soon after, the bands took their show on the road, with a honky-tonk road trip of queer country artists. In 2019, AmericanaFest featured these groups in the 2nd annual queer roots party.

Taking a creative sabbatical to Nashville for the year, Paisley immersed himself in the queer country songwriting community of Music City. Connecting his Brooklyn peers with those in Tennessee elevated their collaborations, often contributing to one another’s songs and recordings. Stay tuned for Paisley Fields new album next year!

The Paisley Fields “Brooklyn Rodeo”

The Paisley Fields are a Brooklyn country band, playing dance-able light honky-tonk songs with sweet lyrics and unexpected social commentary on urban life. James Wilson’s themes stay modern, while wrapping them in a fun, slightly retro sound. The Paisley Fields latest release, Oh These Urban Fences, is available now.