Drivin N Cryin EP Series

In early 2012, Drivin N Cryin announced a series of four EP’s, each with a theme. After adding guitarist Sadler Vaden and re-invigorating their tour schedule, it seemed like a brilliant move.

Kevn Kinney’s songwriting befuddles some critics, because he is so prolific and many times the “set of his best songs at that time” do not necessarily fit together in obvious ways. Fans expect the songs to range from folkie to country to punk to rock, but those who do not already “get” the band sometimes find them to be scattered.  Drivin N Cryin exemplified Americana music before the term was coined.

I’m biased. I was one of those kids who waited in line at the record store to buy Scarred But Smarter when it was released. Drivin N Cryin had a huge local following just from their live shows well before the record was even released. They were one of the few local bands who frequently did an early all ages show before their “real” shows, and we always magically managed to sneak into the ones that were not all ages. (Thanks, RB!)

In June 2012, they released Songs From The Laundromat [Explicit].

In September 2012, they released Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones

In April 2013, they will release Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock.

2012 and 2013 have been amazing years for the resurgence of this band. At its core, Drivin N Cryin is the weird pairing of Kevn Kinney and Tim Neilson. A radio personality in Atlanta debuted his documentary about the band, Scarred But Smarter: The Life and Times of Drivin N Cryin, in March.

Check out a bunch of teasers for the film HERE. Look for our review later this week.

Find Drivin’ n’ Cryin’s back catalog of music and the new EP’s from Drivin N Cryin on iTunes.

#1241 The Pollies

The Pollies’ record almost did not happen. Songwriter, Jay Burgess, began recording some of the songs nearly 2 years ago, in what he now considers demo tapes, but the intent was not to make a record; it was merely a side-project from his previous band, Sons of Roswell. As it became apparent that Sons of Roswell were fading away, Burgess’ writing never ceased, and the demo recordings became more of a focus. Fellow musician friends from the Shoals area of Alabama (the “Quad Cities”) came and went with the project, leaving national acts to go solo again and others finding an international audience seemingly overnight for their other bands. Thus has been the whirlwind impacting what has ultimately become Where the Lies Begin, The Pollies’ debut record on This Is American Music record label.

Essentially, the album was recorded twice. Chris James (also formerly of Sons of Roswell), Daniel Stoddard (who also plays with Dylan LeBlanc), Matt Green (also with Belle Adair), Ben Tanner (also with the Alabama Shakes), and Reed Watson round out the current lineup for the Pollies, demonstrating the interwoven, mutually supportive music community of the Shoals. Mutual friends’ support for the demos and internet leaks of songs via YouTube ultimately led Burgess to bring focus to the Pollies project and make it a real band with a real focus on making a record. As it all came together, the visual presentation of the album helped define its title and ultimately, the theme: Where the Lies Begin.

Chris James had the idea for a bird’s nest and reverse side of an album cover with smashed eggs in a nest for a long time, but it was in discussing the songs on this record with Burgess that the complete concept revealed itself. In what others have described as “Southern Gothic rock and roll,” sometimes the adult realization that the stories your family tells about itself are not accurate. The deeper story that lies beneath is darker, more uncomfortable, and less simplistic than the tales we repeat trying to make them be true. A favorite uncle might also beat his wife. Your granddad might have spent his life abusing your grandmother. What happened behind closed doors does not go away by ignoring it. Such are the stories that lead to where these lies began.

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  • The Pollies Where the Lies Begin “Good for Nothing,” “Something New,” “Little Birdie” (Direct from their labelWhere the Lies Begin - The Pollies
  • Ramones “Commando” Ramones
  • Doc Dailey “Picture Frames” from the upcoming release (International debut of this song!) Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil
  • Belle Adair “No Reply” Belle Adair
  • Sons of Roswell “In the Moonlight” (not available on Amazon or iTunes)
  • Alabama Shakes (from their original EP when they were still a four-piece called The Shakes, before Ben was regularly part of the touring band) “On Your Way” Alabama Shakes
  • Jason Isbell “In a Razor Town” (chosen because the lyrics reference a female character with abuse in her past, as part of the conversation about truth revelaing itself in our personal stories) Jason Isbell
  • Centro-Matic “Twenty Four” Centro-Matic
  • Neutral Milk Hotel “Holland, 1945” Neutral Milk Hotel

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