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Tea Leaf Green

Our 2013 alumni, Tea Leaf Green, have been “leaking” the tracks from their new album one by one. As Trevor Garrod shared in our conversation, the band has not shied away from making massive changes in their sound or lineup, and this roller coaster keeps the ride interesting.

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to this SoundCloud file that the band themselves made public and sent along to me, requesting specifically that I post this SoundCloud track, because SESAC thinks it violates music use rights. Since SESAC has a lot more money than I do, I cannot afford to contest this with them. It appears to me, a normal, non-attorney, that SESAC is double-dipping, as SoundCloud covers the licensing and the rights holder either enables or disables the embed code, thereby granting or not granting the rights to post the SoundCloud embed file.

Reed Mathis’ newly penned July release, “Nature Made You Music” is produced by Jeremy Black. Special guest drummer Andrew Barr (The Barr Brothers, The Slip) and Dan Lebowitz (ALO) on pedal steel.

Tea Leaf Green #1325

Tea Leaf Green considered renaming themselves after their original membership changed, when their bass player and founding member, Ben Chambers, abruptly left the band. Six years and two albums after that realignment, Tea Leaf Green have redefined themselves, continuing to create their own sound honoring the song and lightening their sound. In The Wake is not sparse, by any stretch, but rather than full instrumentation every moment for each song, their is a more careful addition of sounds, guided by producer, Jeremy Black. In The Wake includes more additional sounds than just the members of the band, yielding a lush, clearly “studio” album, rather than a “live,” jamming vibe.  Shaking up their previous recording methods forged an entirely different process and product with this album; it was the first time they recorded separately in the studio and did not road-test songs prior to recording. Their CD release party was the first time they played all of the songs live–giving a new kind of energy to this noted, vibrant (jam) band.

Liner Notes

  • Tea Leaf Green In The Wake
  • Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) — Sounds Like This [+digital booklet]  Their friends from the San Francisco scene.
  • Lissy Trullie  Producer Jeremy Black played drums on much of this album.
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Oddyssey Walking With Giants  Reed Mathis’s previous band.
  • Rebirth Brass Band Do Whatcha Wanna  have a residency at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans right now.
  • Whitey Morgan Sucking the 70’s: Back in the Saddle Again. You probably need Volume 1, too: Sucking the 70’s — not to be confused with the Stones album of nearly the same name, Sucking in the Seventies  This is a “loose association” connection; I discovered that Josh Clark worked on a song for this compilation and sang on a track, but my Google fu was not adequate to determine which track, so I chose one that most clearly shows the intent of this compilation–take songs from the 70s and make them your own, which Whitey Morgan clearly did on this one.


Think you know Tea Leaf Green?

Their brand new album might change your mind–especially since they have never played any of these songs live until this week!

Check out In The Wake HERE

Interview with Trevor Garrod coming soon to Country Fried Rock.